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Fringe Benefit Rates

FY 2020 Benefit Rate Table Effective July 1, 2019

Applicable to
Rate 1 - 30.0%

Faculty and Senior Administrators

For rates on salaries above $132,900
Rates and components are to one decimal place only
Rate 2 - 35.7%
Professional, Administrative, Supervisor (PAS) and nonexempt staff
Rate 3 - 9.9%
Visiting Faculty, Co-op Students and all TAR staff
Rate 4 - 23.1%
Interns, Residents, and Fellows
Rate 6 - 57.1%
Union Position Codes
Rate S - 14.0%
Faculty Summer Compensation (includes retirement)
Rate 7 - 7.65%
Extra Compensation (no retirement) under limit
Rate 8 - 28.0%
Strong Staffing
Rate 9 - 1.45%
Extra Compensation (no retirement) over limit

Detailed Rate Table with breakdowns of Position Types/Employee Class

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