Fall 2022 orientation welcome banner.

Please refer to the deadlines below to prepare for your arrival to the University of Rochester.

Look for further information in your email throughout the summer about online/virtual and in-person orientation and social events sponsored by the AS&E GEPA office, the Graduate Student Association and your department. We are excited to meet you soon!

Dates for Students Starting Fall 2022

As soon as possible

Log Into Your Applicant Status Page and Fill Out the Applicant Response Form

As soon as possible

Activate Your NetID and Duo 2-Factor Authentication

New students will need to activate your NetID, which is your account for securely accessing a variety of online services at the University of Rochester. You will also need to enroll in Duo 2-factor authentication in order to access services through off-campus networks. Students will need your URID to do this and instructions can be found in your application portal.

Questions? Contact University IT.

As soon as possible

Set Up Your University of Rochester Student Email Address

Questions? Contact University IT.

After June 15

Access Blackboard

Blackboard is the University’s learning management system. You will use Blackboard to complete required online training and view information sessions for the online graduate orientation. Look on the right side when you login for an organization called “Graduate Orientation Fall 2022” which will be available in Mid-July 2022.

Questions? Contact University IT.

As soon as possible

Secure Off-Campus Housing

Learn more about the graduate housing options available for students and families on or off-campus. Please note the on-campus housing lottery takes place the first week in May. The Graduate and Family Housing Office can help and has information to help you if you’re looking for off-campus housing.

Questions? Contact the Graduate and Family Housing Office.

As soon as possible

Submit Your Proof of Degree Completion

You must provide proof of degree completion before matriculating into your graduate degree program.

Questions? Email

As soon as possible

Complete Your Financial Responsibility Agreement

Students will need to complete the onboarding in UR student, which includes the Financial Responsibility Agreement ASAP.

Questions? Contact the Office of the Bursar or your department graduate coordinator.

As soon as possible

Apply for a Campus Parking Permit (if applicable)

Commuter students need to purchase a River Campus parking permit. Additionally, they are also allowed to participate in the U Commute programs. The permits are lot-specific and sold based on lot availability.

View more information about student parking permits for the River Campus.

Questions? Contact the Department of Transportation and Parking Management.

July 31

Complete Your Health History and Immunization Forms

Follow these instructions to register for UHSConnect, the secure online portal where you will access and submit these forms.

Questions? Email

As soon as possible, online photo submission deadline is 8/5/22

Get Your Campus ID Card

Your ID card identifies you as a University of Rochester student and offers flexible access to online accounts at a variety of different locations on campus. Starting mid-July students will be able to access the Blackboard Orientation organization called “AS&E Graduate Orientation Fall 2022” and are REQUIRED to follow instructions on submitting an ID photo by 8/5/22 in order to have your ID printed to pickup at in-person orientation events on 8/30/22.

Students are living in Goler House on-campus and/or need their ID earlier than 8/30/22 for a valid reason, should contact Katie Ferruzza at for further instructions.

August 30

Complete the Academic Honesty Module in Blackboard

You can access this module through Blackboard under My Organizations in AS&E Graduate Student Orientation Fall 2022, starting in Mid-July 2022.

Questions? Contact the Academic Honesty Liaison.

August 2022

View All Optional Programs in Blackboard

You can find all sessions listed under My Organizations in AS&E Graduate Student Orientation Fall 2022, starting in Mid-July 2022.

Here you will find information on mandatory and optional programs from a variety of campus resources. We encourage you review all information thoroughly to get familiar with the resources available to use at UR graduate student and to get acquainted with offices, student groups, and community happenings. Announcements will be made via email and in Blackboard about the in-person orientation events happening the week classes start in August.

Questions on Blackboard Orientation? Contact

No later than September 14

Register for Fall 2022 Courses

Fall 2022 on-boarding tasks and will end on September 14, 2022. Starting 9/15/22 a $160 late registration fee will be levied and will not be waived. Registration will be conducted in the UR Student system and incoming students should work with their departments to determine which classes to take and when to enroll.

Questions? Contact your department graduate coordinator.

No later than September 15

Complete the Online Health Insurance Process

All full-time students must complete the Online Health Insurance Process to enroll or waive health insurance for the academic year, open enrollment period is from 6/7/22 through 9/15/22. Please look for emails from University Health Services for more information.

Questions? Contact