Replacing an image on your page

You may want to swap an old image with a new image that will be in the same location on your web page. The best way to accomplish that is to replace the old image using the steps below. The new image will overwrite the old one.

To replace an existing image with a new image:

  1. Go to your site
  2. Look at the Site Content at the left on large screens; or if you are on a mobile device, click the hamburger menu and select Site Content in the slide-out menu
  3. Click on the folder named “assets” and then click on the arrow at the right of the folder named "images"
  4. Select the image you want to replace
  5. Click on the Pencil icon to edit the image
  6. Either drag and drop an image file into the area surrounded by a dashed line, or click on the "choose" link inside this area to browse to the image file on your computer
  7. After you have added the new image, click Save & Preview and then Submit
  8. Click on the Cloud icon to publish your new image
  9. Click Submit

Tip: You do not need to re-publish or make any other changes to your web page.

For standard image sizes see our web style guide.