Reverting to a Previous Version

The WCMS will save the previous 20 versions of a page. You can view and activate any previous version of a page that was submitted and is still available.

The WCMS keeps track of all changes to a page in separate copies called Versions. The list of Versions for each page will show the user who submitted it and the time and date that it was submitted. You can navigate through all of the Versions, compare them with the current Version, and activate any of them.

Reverting to a previous version:

  1. Select the page that you want to revert
  2. Click the Dots icon at the top right, labeled "More" on large screens
  3. Select Versions
  4. In the list of previous versions, click on the link to the version that you want to view, and it will open in the main window, and you will see a line of text above the preview pane that says, "You are viewing a version from..." and the approximate age of this version.
  5. In the Dots icon menu for this Version you can select any of the following actions:
    • Restore this version - make the version that you are viewing become the currently active version
    • Delete this version - delete this version
    • Compare with current - view a visual comparison of the differences between the current version and the version that you are viewing
    • View current version - go back to the current version
    • View newer version - navigate to a later version
    • View older version - navigate to an earlier version
  6. After you have navigated to the Version that you want, click the Restore this version link

Your changes will be saved in the WCMS after you click Submit, but they will not appear in your website until the page is published.