Have a question about a program or country you're interested in? Contact a Center for Education Abroad (CEA) Ambassador! Ambassadors are students who have gone abroad and are here to answer your questions. They are a great resource to get to know the student perspective of going abroad before you go. Contact the ambassadors for any questions you may have about the student experience.

Amna Arain

Amna is a third year history, film and ATHS major. She went abroad on a faculty-led summer program in 2022 to Poppi, Italy. Amna became an ambassador because she believes going abroad is a life changing experience and wants to influence other students to seize that opportunity as well. Reach out to Amna at

Tochukwu Iyke-Nzeocha

Tochukwu is a third year biomedical engineering student with a concentration in cell and tissue engineering. She went abroad on an exchange program in fall 2022 to the University of Bristol, United Kingdom. Tochukwu became an ambassador because she wants to show students that it's possible to have the opportunity to go abroad no matter what your major. Reach out to Tochukwu at

Fiona McSharry

Fiona is a fourth year brain and cognitive science and business majors with a minor in Spanish. She went abroad on an internship with Absolute Internships to Madrid, Spain in the summer of 2022. Fiona became an ambassador because she wants to connect students to all opportunities to go abroad and encourage them to get out of their comfort zones. Reach out to Fiona at

Bartholomew Skala

Bart is a fourth year international relations and philosophy major. He went abroad for a full year from fall 2021 to spring 2022 with the DIS program in Stockholm, Sweden and Copenhagen, Denmark. Bart became an ambassador because he wanted to pay his fantastic experiences abroad forward and ensure that other students will continue to embark on new adventures. Reach out to Bart for any questions on his experience at

If you want to talk to a student who has gone on a program that you are interested in besides the ones the ambassadors have been on, contact our office and we will put someone in contact with you.