Global Visitor Program Overview

International visiting students pursue activities of an educational or academic nature, often to further their undergraduate or graduate studies. Below you'll find general information about our Global Visitor Program.


For international visitors, it can take six months—sometimes longer—to formally complete the Global Visitor Program. Because of the multiple Rochester and government offices involved, we recommend you begin the process as early as possible.

Please refer to the attachment for a preview of the onboarding process.

For questions, please contact

How can I come to Rochester as a visiting student?

Throughout the Global Visitor Program, you must complete a series of forms in order to prepare the paperwork for your arrival—including immigration documents if you are not a US citizen or permanent resident.

Complete all the steps below:

1. Secure a Faculty Sponsor

If you are considering coming to the University as a visiting student, you should have already discussed this placement with a specific Rochester faculty member who will sponsor your visit. This faculty member submits a form to the University for review, relationship determination, and approval, officially starting the Global Visitor Program at Rochester.

The International Services Office does not facilitate “matches” between visitors and University faculty. It is your responsibility to connect with a Rochester faculty member prior to contacting us or submitting a visiting student/visiting researchers or faculty application.

2. Complete the Online Application

The online application provides us with your background information and plans for your time at Rochester. The application requires copies of your CV, passport, and academic records.

3. Complete the New Student Information Form (NSIF)

After the International Services Office determines that you will come to Rochester as a visiting student, we will notify your hosting department to complete their portion of the NSIF in UR Compass. Once the departmental portion is completed, you will be invited to complete your portion. Your portion will then be reviewed by an International Services Office (ISO) immigration advisor. You cannot begin the NSIF until the hosting department has completed their initial portion.

Questions about the NSIF? Contact the International Services Office (ISO).

4. Receive and Sign your Offer Letter and Intellectual Property Agreement (IPA)

You will receive an offer letter from your hosting faculty member. Review this letter carefully, sign it, and return it to the International Services Office via email (specific instructions on how to return this letter will be contained in the letter itself). Once you submit the signed letter and IPA, you will receive information about housing, transportation, health insurance, and more.

5. Receive your Immigration Document and University Health History Form

After the immigration document has been processed, ISO will notify the Rochester department coordinator and hosting faculty member. The department coordinator will mail the immigration document and applicable forms to you.

All visiting students remaining on campus eight weeks or longer are required to complete the Health History Form and acquire adequate health insurance. You will be enrolled in UHS Connect to complete your Health History Form and provide evidence of immunizations.

6. Apply for your Visa

Questions about your visa or the process? Contact the International Services Office (ISO).

7. Receive your Visa

Experiencing visa-related issues? Contact the International Services Office (ISO).

8. Arrive on Campus!

The International Services Office, and your department/faculty host look forward to welcoming you on campus. See the ISO living in Rochester page for information about the city of Rochester, getting around, and ways to engage with the local community. You will need to complete a mandatory immigration check-in with the International Services Office upon arrival. Details about an orientation meeting will be sent directly to you.