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How to Get Started

Proposals for Academic Year 2022-2023 will open in March 2022 (Fall, Spring, Spring Break, Summer)

Proposals due: June 1, 2022 

Faculty-Led Proposals can be accessed through the Center for Education Abroad Portal here

Resources How to Get Started: 

Important considerations

Personal: Are you willing to commit a lot of time and energy into planning this program?

College Support: Have you spoken to your Department Chair and are they supportive?  

Program Structure: With structure is best for this course?  

Location: Is the location safe? How will the culture enhance the learning objectives? 

Logistics: Where we the program stay and how will those arrangements be made? Will you work with an in-country partner organization? Are visas necessary? 

Budget: Have you considered how the overall budget and costs for this program? 


The chart below gives an overview of the Faculty-Led Program process from start to finish.


 Faculty led timeline

Interested in leading a group abroad? Come to a future workshop!