In Absentia Registration

Education Abroad Course Registrations Policy

Overview and Rationale

The University has a “duty of care” obligation to assume responsibility for protecting their students, faculty and staff from foreseeable risks and threats when studying, working, and traveling abroad. The current process of course registrations for graduate students is not standardized in such a way that gives the University the ability to confidently identify all courses that have an academic component outside of the United States.

In order to meet this “duty of care” obligation and to manage the associated risk, we must know where students will travel for work, research, or study on behalf of the institution prior to travel taking place. This policy will ensure data is consistent, easier to collect, and accurately reflects the locations and timeframe for all students abroad.

The University must report on courses (or more specifically, course sections) that take place away from the main campus of the University. These reports are submitted to various outside agencies, including the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, the New York State Education Department (NYSED), and the federal Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS). This data is reported to the agencies at an aggregate level for the entire University. In addition, the University will be able to report accurately on these global experiences to showcase the University in global rankings and national reports.


Dual registration is required for any In Absentia using departmental In-Absentia course sections (e.g. AHST 999A-1 Doctoral Dissertation In Absentia Abroad). Students will be required to register for a corequisite course section that includes the specific country. The dual enrollment a department In Absentia course (eg. AHST 999A-1 Doctoral Dissertation In Absentia) and the EDAB 001 In Absentia Abroad section research course section will allow reports to be generated in UR Student which are reportable by location for any given semester. Departments will not have to change their current model.

Sample Registration

Students register for the specific course section in the graduate department:

  • AHST 999A-1: Doctoral Dissertation in Absentia Abroad and
  • EDAB 001-108: Research Abroad in Italy
    • Or EDAB 001-101 Research Abroad in India
    • Or EDAB 001-110 Research Abroad in Japan

The next steps require department administrators that own 595B and/or 999B courses in their departments to update their instructions for registration to include a required EDAB 001 registration.