Global Photo Contest

Education Abroad Photo Contest

All students who participate in an education abroad program are encouraged to enter our annual education abroad photo contest. Photos are judged based on the categories outlined below. The contest will open in February to those students who have participated in an education abroad program between fall 2021 and fall 2022.

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Physical World: Wonders of the world and unique landscapes.

Local Culture: Fairs, festivals, ceremonies, celebrations, food and people to your unique city.

Student Experience: A captured moment of your time abroad in your classroom experiences and research/service learning.

Global Experience: A Capture a significant moment or an immersive experience of your time abroad. (Sponsored by Global Engagement)

Most Epic Selfie: A selfie embodying your adventures abroad. School pride encouraged.*

*Disclaimer: The University of Rochester does not encourage dangerous activities that would put your health and safety at risk. Please refer to the Standards of Student Conduct.

How the Contest Works

After the submission deadline, our panel of judges will vote on the finalists of each category. These finalists will be contacted, and we will upload their photos to our Instagram page. Here our 500+ followers will vote for their favorites. The photos with the most likes will win.


International Student Photo Contest

The International Student Office (ISO) portion of the photo contest is reserved for international students (as well as exchange students) only, The Center for Education Abroad (CEA) portion of the photo contest is for domestic students and any international students who have partaken in a education abroad program between fall 2021 and fall 2022. See the ISO Photo Contest page for more information.