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Student Blogs

The content of student blogs are intended for entertainment purposes only and not intended as advice, recommendations or endorsements. The Center for Education Abroad assumes no responsibility for the content of student blogs, articles, photos and media. As such, student blogs do not represent the Center for Education Abroad and/or the University of Rochester.

Domeiry Gonzalez 

Domeiry ('20), a psychology major and American Sign Language minor, participated in the summer faculty-led program French Sign Language. Watch her video below to learn more about her experience abroad! 

Arezzo 2020 

UR photoThe University of Rochester continues to offer a semester-long study program in Arezzo, one of the most attractive cities in central Italy. Rich in history and intellectual and artistic tradition, Arezzo is a modern, dynamic, and welcoming city in which your encounter with the Italian language and culture will be authentic, fulfilling, and unforgettable. Follow along as the students of Spring 2020 update this blog with weekly updates on their trip abroad.

Diwas Gautam 

Diwas ('20) is a mechanical engineering student participating in the summer faculty-led program Digital Archaeology of Heritage Buildings of West Africa. Diwas has also previously studied abroad in Spain and Germany! Read his blog to learn more about his travels!

Phoebe Lok 

Phoebe ('22) is a linguistics major participating in our faculty-led program Summer in Korea. Read her blog to learn more about her time spent in Seoul this summer!

Trung Ha 

Trung Ha, a Take Five Scholar and physics major, is participating in the summer faculty-led program French in France. Read his blog to follow along on his experiences in France this summer!

Haytham Mohamed 

Haytham MohamedLearning a new language. Reaching conclusions about life and making some mind shifts.

Louis Herman 

Louis HermanI'm really excited to meet new people and expand my understanding of Ecuadorian culture.

Hao Zheng 

UR photoI am a Religious Studies major and Literary Translation Certificate candidate at University of Rochester, an aspiring academic of continental philosophy and/or intellectual history, a part-time writer and a life-long reader, a connoisseur of all things dairy, a glutton for podcasts, a procrastinator of uploading photos to Facebook, and, for this school year, a visiting student at St. Catz, Oxford.