Registering for Courses Abroad

Registration procedures vary, and programs may:

  • Ask you to Indicate a list of possible courses that you wish to take while you're abroad
  • Not conduct course registration on campus until a very short time before classes begin
  • Not have an updated course schedule available before you register for courses (in that case you will need to use the course schedule from a previous semester or year)
  • Ask you to choose several alternate courses in case of cancellations
  • Allow you to change courses (drop/add) at the beginning of the semester (please notify your faculty and study abroad advisor if you change courses)

Your final registration will take place abroad, after you arrive in the country. This is typically the case for integrated programs, exchange programs, and direct enrollment.

You must have your courses approved before you go abroad. You must complete a full course load while you're abroad, which is the equivalent of 16 Rochester credits per semester. Underloads are not permitted during study abroad.

You must earn a grade of C or better in order to transfer credit to Rochester. You may not be able to complete a course as S/F (unless the program can document that the "S" or "Pass" grade is equivalent to "C" or better on the Rochester scale).