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Practice Aids, Tools and Self-assessment Templates

Budget Presentation Elective - Oct 2017

Back to The Basics
Deatiled Budget
Preparing Single IRB Budgets

NIH NoGA Forensics Elective - Aug 2017

NIH NoGA Sample
Deciphering the NIH Application

Training Grants Elective - July 2017

Appendix FF - Statement of Appointment Form PHS 2271
Appendix II - xTrain External Institutional User Guide

Practice Aid regarding tasks to keep in mind when an account is terminating
Worksheet for self-monitoring of CLASP continuing education credits earned

A template to compare actual and budgeted effort for faculty on sponsored projects

Template for providing annual payments of research study participants data to Controller's Office
Self assessment tool to verify a proposal is compliant for requirements
PI verification and sign off of monthly ledgers form
Data tables to use with Institutional Research Training Grant Applications
Self assessment tool to verify a proposal is compliant for NSF Fastlane submission
Optional EXCEL sheet to assist with documentation of the final financial position of an account to be closed out when there are pending corrections and transactions.  This can be provided to your ORACS accountant.”
A spreadsheet that can be used just to confirm some of the more common percents of effort
Template for documenting payments made to participants in research studies
Frequently asked questions regarding payments to research subjects
Summary of UR Policy regarding payments to research study participants
Worksheet for River Campus faculty to document proposed summer research and compensation


Past RARA and River Rats Presentations

"Introduction to a Comprehensive UR Effort Reporting Policy"
"Invention Reporting"
"Proposed OMB Circular Presentation"
"Grant Fraud Awareness"
"Comprehensive Effort Reporting Policy"
"Code of Conduct for Business Activities" and "Clinical Trial Financial and Billing Initiative Update"
"Annual Effort Certification 'No Change' PAF"
"An Introduction to PIVOT"
"The False Claims Act - What Every Administrator Needs to Know"
"SBIR/STTR Funding Opportunities and Challenges"
"Private Use of University Facilities - Compliance Traps for the Unwary"
"OMB's Omni Guidance...Worth the wait?"
"Federal Audit Update"
"Physician Payment Sunshine Act"
"Staying Compliant with the NIH Public Access Policy"

"New York State Grant Reform"

"Uniform Guidance Part 1"

"Workday Fundamentals for Sponsored Research Administrators"

"Cost Shared Effort - HRMS Cost Sharing Form"

"UG and FDP Update"

"Effort Policy Compliance Audit Results Review"

"UR Financials - Fixed Asset Business Process"

"NIH Revised Biosketch and SciENcv"

"Application of On-Campus and Off-Campus F&A Rates"

"UR Financials Questions - Part 1"

"US Army CID Fraud Awareness"

"OUA Balloting Exercise - Effort Reporting Policy"

"Updates and Reminders - VA Appointments, Nepotism Policy, Clinical Trial Matters"

"Visiting Students and Scholars - Office for Global Engagement"

"Non Company Level Grant Reporting"

"Non Company Level Grant Reporting"

"Federal and New York State Minority/Women Owned Business Participation in Grants/Contracts"

"Agreements for the Transfer of Research Materials, Confidenttial Information, and Data"

"Administrative Considerations for PI Movements to or from Peer Institutions"

"Compliance Support from Miner Library"

"Huron Summary for CLASP"

"Thought Tool for Addressing the Observations"

"Huron Report Follow Up"

"800 Forms Guide"

"800 Forms and Cost Sharing Presentation"

" Update"

"How to Process "No Change" PAF for Annual Certification Compliance"

"Introduction to Clinical Trials"

"New York State Contract Minority/Women Owned Business Requirements"

"UR Lease Administration Project"

"Private Use Policy and Guidelines"

"Draft Guidelines on Private Use of University of Rochester Facilities"

"Subrecipient Monitoring"

"UR Lease Administration"

"FY 2018 Base Year for F&A Cost Rates: Space & Equipment Surveys"

"2CFR200 - Procurement Principles"