Advanced Reservations

Fall 2023 Advanced Reservations

The Fall 2023 reservation request period begins in mid-March, 2023. Wilson Commons Student Activities and Event & Classroom Management are working hard to accommodate the requests and needs of many student organizations and departments. We apologize if your organization does not receive your first requested location choice.

Questions about this process should be addressed to Wilson Commons Student Activities via email at or your student organization’s primary advisor.

General Information

  • Updates about each time frame will be sent out as we approach them.
  • All submissions will need to be made via VEMS. Organizations needing to update their virtual EMS contact can do so via the change virtual EMS contact.
  • All time frames will open at 9 a.m. and will close at 11:59 p.m. on the dates listed below.  (New templates will appear on your VEMS account the day that time frames open) 
  • All reservations submitted within their time frame will be processed in a best fit manner after the template has closed. We will take all submitted reservations and place them where they fit best based on everything submitted.
  • Reservations submitted after their time frame has ended will be conducted in a first come first served basis.
  • Please note that not all locations will be available in all time frames.
  • Time frames are subject to change.
  • Any questions or concerns about this process can be sent to or your student organization’s primary advisor.


  • March to mid-April – Major Events Time Frame
    • March 20 Major Events Template Opens
    • April 3 Major Events Template Closes
  • June – Rehearsal/Practice Time Frame
    • Performance organizations initial 6-hour rehearsal request time frame
    • Club sports practices within student life spaces (NOT athletic spaces)
      • Spurrier Gym is a student life space
    • This occurs after the academic classes have been entered into the reservation system
  • July – Meetings & All Other Reservations Time Frame
    • Weekly meeting request time frame
    • All other reservations not submitted during previous time frames can be submitted
  • TBD
    • Reservations in Athletics and Recreation Spaces (This include locations in Goergen Athletic Center and Outdoor Athletic Fields)

Criteria for Major Events Requests

  • Events that will have a minimum of 100 attendees
  • Large programming events such as:
    • Dinners
    • Performances
    • Large guest lectures
    • Galas/Dances
    • Large fundraising events
    • Fairs
    • Cultural exhibits
    • Symposiums
  • Events that require rooms in addition to those in this process should include them in the notes field after every location request

Major Event Locations

  • Upper Strong Auditorium
    • Event requests in Strong Auditorium with historical event attendance of less than 250 may be moved to another location.
    • For performance event requests, the rehearsal schedule for Strong Auditorium shows will typically be as follows:
      • Friday night events: Thursday evening to rehearse in the space
      • Saturday night events: Saturday during the day to rehearse in the space
  • Wilson Commons
    • Havens Lounge
    • Hirst Lounge
    • May Room
    • Gowen Room
    • Porch
  • Wilson Quadrangle
  • Spurrier Dance Studio
  • Feldman Ballroom, Douglass Commons
    • The Douglass Ballroom can be requested as one section, two sections, or the entire ballroom. If you need three sections, please request the entire ballroom. A specific bay will be assigned based on availability and best fit. 
  • Goergen Munnerlyn Atrium
  • Rettner Atrium
  • Green Lounge, Hutchison Hall
  • Large auditoriums
    • Bausch & Lomb 109
    • Dewey 1-101
    • Dewey 2-162
    • Hoyt Auditorium
    • Hubbell Auditorium, Hutchison Hall
    • Lander Auditorium, Hutchison Hall
    • Sloan Auditorium, Goergen 101
    • Wegmans 1400
    • Morey 321

University Dates

  • August 30: Classes Begin
  • September 1 – 4: YellowJacket Weekend (Community Weekend)
  • September 4: Labor Day
  • October 5 – 8: Meliora Weekend (Community Weekend)
  • October 14 – 17: Fall Break
  • November 22 – 27: Thanksgiving Break
  • December 13: Last Day of Classes
  • December 14: Reading Period Begins

You may also want to research various religious holidays while determining your preferred dates.