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Event Planning

Advanced Reservations

The planning process for next year’s calendar of events begins with the Advanced Reservation Process. This process is marked by the utilization of the Advanced Reservation Fall 2021 form on CCC.  We will be planning all events in the fall as though they will NOT be affected by COVID-19 guidelines.  Please understand that while that is our intention and that we would like you to request event space accordingly should there be COVID-19 guidelines that would affect an event, that event may need to be modified, postponed or cancelled.

The Advanced Reservation Fall 2021 Form will open at 9 a.m. on April 26, 2021.

  • From April 26, 2021 to May 21, 2021, student organizations can submit requests for major programming events to be assessed according to a best-location and best-fit basis. Event requests received during this time will be given priority.
  • After May 21, 2021, student organizations can continue to utilize this form to submit event requests which will be assessed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Important things to consider when selecting dates, times and locations:

  • For rooms that are not listed on the Advanced Reservation Fall 2021 please contact Gene Vogler ( for the proper procedure.
  • Confirmation emails will be sent out in Mid to Late Summer.
  • Location requests for information sessions, Eboard meetings, general member meetings, smaller events, rehearsals and other recurring small meetings will not be accepted during the Advanced Reservation Process. Information on this process will be sent out at a later date.

Criteria for submitting your event location requests:

  • Events that will have a minimum of 100 attendees.
  • Large programming events such as:
    • Dinners
    • Performances
    • Large guest lectures
    • Galas/Dances
    • Large fundraising events
    • Fairs
    • Cultural exhibits
    • Symposiums
  • Events that require rooms in addition to those in this process should include them in the notes field after every location request

Available programming spaces and space specific information:

  • Upper Strong Auditorium
    • Event requests in Strong Auditorium with historical event attendance of less than 250 may be moved to another location.
    • For performance event requests, the rehearsal schedule for Strong Auditorium shows will typically be as follows:
      • Friday night events: Thursday evening to rehearse in the space
      • Saturday night events: Saturday during the day to rehearse in the space
    • Wilson Commons
      • Havens Lounge
      • Hirst Lounge
      • May Room
      • Gowen Room
      • Porch
    • Wilson Quadrangle
    • Spurrier Dance Studio
    • Douglass Ballroom
      • The Douglass Ballroom can be requested as one section, two sections, or the entire ballroom. If you need three sections, please request the entire ballroom. A specific bay will be assigned based on availability and best fit. 
    • Goergen Munnerlyn Atrium
    • Rettner Atrium
    • Large auditoriums
      • Hoyt
      • Hubbell
      • Sloan
      • Wegmans 1400
      • Morey 321

Link to review availability:

To view availability in the center of the page select Add/Remove Locations, then select views and finally select WC - Advanced Reservations (Student Organizations) Please note that requests from your organization as well as other organizations will not appear until all confirmations have been sent out

Dates to know and consider:

  • August 25 – Classes Begin (academic)
  • August 26 - 29 – Yellow Jacket Weekend (community weekend)
  • September 6 – Labor Day (university holiday)
  • September 6 - 8 – Rosh Hashanah (religious)
  • September 15 - 16 – Yom Kippur (religious)
  • September 30 - October 3 – Meliora Weekend (community weekend)
  • October 9 - 12 – Fall Break (academic)
  • November 4 – Diwali (religious)
  • November 25 - 28 – Thanksgiving Break (university holiday)
  • November 28 - December 6 – Hanukkah (religious)
  • December 8 – Last Day of Classes (academic)

Additional Information:

Our Reservation Coordinators are working hard to accommodate the requests and needs of many Student Organizations and Departments. We apologize if your organization does not receive your first requested location choice.

Student Organizations can direct questions about this process to Gene Vogler (Reservation Coordinator) or your primary adviser.