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Fall Leadership Training

Fall Leadership Training aims to provide student leaders a comprehensive, collaborative learning experience that they can use to strengthen their organizations and personal leadership skills.

Our goal for this training is to provide a breadth of information, resources, and ideas about successful student organization leadership.

You can also Level Up Your Leadership by attending breakout sessions that fulfill the Medallion Program. Look for the Medallion Program logo next those sessions that also count towards the program. If you haven’t enrolled into the program yet, you can enroll in the Medallion Program online.

2020 Fall Leadership Training closed on Friday, September 18, 2020.

Fall Leadership Training materials are still available to access on BlackBoard on the Fall Student Organization Leader Training 2020 course. If you need access, you can self-enroll online. The instructor code is 2004.

What happens if my organization did not complete Fall Leadership Training?

The completion of Fall Leadership Training is one of the items included in the Student Organization Annual Review.  Organizations will receive credit for Fall Leadership Training as long as one officer completed these three sessions by September 18, 2020:

  • Fall Leadership Training Kickoff & Advisor Session
  • How to Operate During COVID-19
  • Event Registration for Fall Semester

The rubric will positively reward organizations who had more than one officer complete these three sessions.  The rubric will also consider organization officers who completed additional CCC or Leadership Development modules (beyond the required 3) during the Fall Leadership Training period.  While credit will not be awarded, officers can still access the information and learn from Fall Leadership Training by accessing the module on Blackboard.

Who Should Participate

A minimum of TWO Executive board members who have primary advisors from one of the following offices are invited to participate:

  • Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs
  • Interfaith Chapel
  • Center for Community Engagement
  • Office for Residential Life and Housing Services
  • Wilson Commons Student Activities

Talk with your primary advisor if you have questions about your organization's participation requirements for Fall Leadership Training.

Please make sure your CCC site is up to date with your current executive board members by August 10, 2020.

When is it

Monday, August 17 - September 18, 2020

  • Training is extended over 30 days in order to give ample time and access to complete the Fall Leadership Training 2020 CCC Track.

How to Register

This year there is NO registration process for the overall training. Student Organization officers listed on CCC will automatically be uploaded to the Fall Leadership Training 2020 CCC Track and the Fall Student Organization Leader Training 2020 Blackboard course.


  • Some checklist items in the Fall Leadership Training 2020 CCC Track such as events will require you to pre-register. Take a look at the checklist and review those events.
  • Fall Leadership Training 2020 CCC Track and Fall Student Organization Leader Training 2020 Blackboard course will open on August 17.
  • Make sure your CCC site is up to date with your current executive board members by August 10.

Live Zoom Events that are required to attend will be recorded and added to Blackboard at a later date.

Training Components Found in CCC Track

  1. Fall Leadership Training Kick Off – August 17
  2. How to Operate during COVID-19 – Blackboard module
  3. Business Manage Training – Blackboard modules
  4. CCC all you need to know – Blackboard modules
  5. Event Registration – Blackboard modules
  6. How to Prepare for Fall Activities Fair – Blackboard module
  7. Attend three Leadership Development workshops – CCC events
  8. Organization CCC Registration
  9. Complete Title IX Training
  10. Attend Activities Fair – CCC event
  11. Attend Fall Leadership Training Expo – August 25, 3 - 4 p.m. CCC event
  12. Fall Leadership Training Survey