Ticket Program

Notice: AudienceView Breach

Update: March 10 2023

AudienceView has hired an outside cyber security firm, Mandiant, to do a full investigation into their system and improve the security of their servers. Until Mandiant has concluded its investigation, issued its report to the University, and the University has concluded our own security assessment, we will not be offering online ticket sales for events or collecting student organization dues online.

However, in person ticket sales will resume starting Monday, March 13. Tickets can be purchased with at The Common Market (located on the 1st floor of Wilson Commons). Large events often have tickets available for purchase at the door. Student organization dues can temporarily be paid for in person at The Common Market. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working to offer online sales again as soon as it is safe to do so.

Shops @ Wilco is not impacted by this and does not use AudienceView.

  • March 3 2023

    The University of Rochester is issuing a credit card fraud alert to anyone who has recently purchased tickets or paid student organization dues online through Rochester.universitytickets.com. Due to a security breach at AudienceView, a third-party vendor that contracts with colleges and universities nationwide, individuals’ credit card information could be at risk if online ticket purchases were made through Rochester.universitytickets.com between Feb. 17 and Feb.21–the dates provided by AudienceView. However, we now believe the period of time may have started several weeks before Feb. 17. Community members who have purchased tickets or paid student organization dues online during this timeframe are encouraged to check recent and future credit card statements and contact your banking/credit institution regarding any suspicious transactions. This alert does not affect any in-person ticket purchases made through The Common Market.

    As a result of this nationwide security breach, the University is re-evaluating its relationship with AudienceView. Rochester.universitytickets.com has been temporarily disabled and the University will provide additional information regarding future online ticket sales once the matter resolved.

    Community members should stay alert to a second potential scam stemming from the AudienceView security breach.  Some peer institutions who also use AudienceView have reported additional attempts to defraud individuals of money and/or personal information by phone. Victims were called by a person claiming to be a representative with their banking institution asking them to confirm and/or provide additional account information.  If you receive a suspicious call like this, you are advised to disconnect from the call and dial the appropriate number found on the official website or bank card for that institution before conducting any business or sharing information of any kind.

    The University takes seriously the protection of community members’ personal and financial information. We are issuing this alert so you can monitor your accounts for any fraudulent charges. Further questions or concerns can be directed to wcsa@rochester.edu.


The WCSA Ticket Program offers student organizations a way to sell tickets to a variety of on and off campus events.  The Common Market serves as the primary box office for the College and uses  University Tickets to process all ticket transactions. Student Organizations should read the Ticket Policy and all customers should read the Ticket Purchase Policy.

How to Purchase Tickets

To purchase tickets, customers must have a  University Tickets account. University students and employees can login using their active directory credentials. General public members can use their personal emails to create their own account. Alumni should create an account as a general public member. Simply go to  University Tickets and click on the blue "Login/Register" button, followed by either the “Students/Faculty/Staff” or “General Public” button.

After an account has been created customers may go to  The Common Market to purchase tickets in person. Some tickets may also be available for online purchase at  University Tickets. In order to cover online credit card processing fees faculty, staff, graduate students, and general public members will be charged a $4 online service fee. University undergraduate students have had their fee subsidized by the Students Association.

All ticket purchases are final and Wilson Commons Student Activities (WCSA) will not issue any refunds or returns. For policy information, please review the full policy for  purchasing tickets. For questions or assistance, please email Wilson Commons Student Activities, wcsa@rochester.edu.

How to Sell Tickets

Student organizations can use the WCSA Ticket program to sell tickets to events by first reviewing the  Ticket Policy. Student Organizations can then submit an Activity Registration and indicate they want to sell tickets. Tickets for new events go on sale every Monday morning, during the academic year when The Common Market opens.

For questions or assistance, please email Wilson Commons Student Activities, wcsa@rochester.edu.

The Mobile Box Office

The Mobile Box Office is a movable box office equipped with a ticket printer, credit card machine, cash box, and laptop. The Mobile Box Office is staffed by a WCSA student employee and sent to events with door sales.

During the activity registration process WCSA will assign student organizations to either use the MBO or sign out a petty cash bag from SOFO to run their own door sales.

Dues Collection

College Student Organizations that need to collect dues from members can request to use University Tickets. The benefits of this include:

  • Members can pay dues online using their credit card
  • Eliminates the need to collect cash
  • Family and friends can pay dues on behalf of other people

Fill out this form to request online dues collection.


  • This service is only available to student organizations that bank with SOFO.
  • Dues/payment collections will always start on Mondays, when The Common Market opens (the same way tickets go on sale).
  • Funds will be transferred into student organization accounts as soon as possible.
  • There will not be any credit card fees assigned, regardless of who is paying.