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Event Planning

Event Registration Process

The event registration process helps student organizations plan successful, safe, and organized activities. It allows students to request services and create successful events.

Registering an Event

First, schedule a meeting with your primary advisor to discuss your plan. Please review the event policies prior to the meeting.

Then, after meeting with your primary advisor, submit your registration request through CCC. Your  advisor will deny your registration request if it is not within the established time frame.

Based on the nature of your event, your primary advisor will add the necessary reviewers from various offices at the University that you will need to support the event. Any requests from the reviewers will be made through the CCC. You will need to respond to these requests through the CCC.

After you have responded to all event reviewer requests, or the Event Registration Review Committee has reviewed your submission, your event will be approved or denied.

Events with alcohol should pick up SWARM t-shirts from UHS at last two business days before the event.

If Public Safety Officers are assigned to your event, check in with University’s Department of Public Safety to discuss details of your event at least two business days beforehand.  

When to Register an Event

You will need to register your event if it fits any of the following criteria:

  • Any on-campus event that needs resources from Event and Classroom Management (ECM).
  • Any on-campus event where attendance will exceed 100 people.
  • Any on-campus event that requires significant University resources (e.g., services supplied by Facilities, Public Safety). This includes events that will be held in the following spaces: Upper Strong, Lower Strong, Spurrier Dance Studio, Douglass Commons, Wilson Commons Hirst Lounge, Wilson Commons May Room, the Palestra, and the Field House.
  • Any event, on- or off-campus, at which money will be collected (including but not limited to events with tickets, fundraisers, and raffles).
  • Any on-campus conference hosted by a student group.
  • Any on-campus collection drive.
  • Any on-campus event at which more than 20 percent of the audience and/or participants is expected to be non-University of Rochester community members (conferences included).
  • Any on-campus event that involves working with a non-University of Rochester organization, such as co-sponsors or guests.
  • Any programs, on- or off-campus, involving minors and children (not including University students who are minors).
  • Any event with alcohol that meets one or more of these qualifications:
    • The event is being hosted or planned by one or more members of the organization and supported by executive board officers
    • The event is financed in whole or in part by the organization, including the purchase of alcohol
    • The event is listed or advertised on the organization’s website or social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
    • Online invitations refer to the organization (this includes location name)
    • The event is listed on the organization’s calendar (public or private calendars included)
    • The event will be announced at an organization meeting or over an organization’s group text, Group Me, Slack Channels, etc.

Event Timeline

Student organizations must stick to strict timelines in order to ensure the success of their events. Failure to follow event registration timelines will result in event denial by the organization's advisor.

Events with over 100 people—or ones that are held in the Strong Auditorium, May Room, or Feldman Ballroom—must meet all registration criteria 30 business days before the event.

All other events must meet registration criteria 10 business days before the event.


Questions about how to register your event? Contact your organization's advisor.