Genesee Hall

Genesee Hall is a multipurpose building that houses the Boehning Varsity House, Tutoring Zone, public lounges, meeting rooms, and four floors of First-year residence hall space. To contact the Genesee Hall Building Manager, call (585) 622-5996 or (585) 276-4070.

All activities in the building must adhere to the Student Life Space policy.


Building Map

Boehning Varsity House

The Boehning Varsity House, which is located on the first floor and half of the second floor, contains an athletic training space and locker rooms for:

  • Men’s track and field
  • Men’s football
  • Men’s baseball
  • Men’s soccer
  • Women’s track and field
  • Women’s field hockey
  • Women’s soccer
  • Women’s lacrosse
  • Women’s softball