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Student Organizations

Forming New Organizations

New Student Organization Process

  1. Required Group Information Session: Required group information sessions occur during the fall semester only. You can contact Wilson Commons Student Activities (201 Wilson Commons or to be added to a notification list for when information sessions become available in Fall 2021.
  2. Proposal: Fill out the New Organization Proposal. The following 3 documents will need to be completed and uploaded in order to submit the proposal form. Intent to Join, Simple Budget Template, and the Constitution Template
    1. All non-returning students (e.g. graduating seniors, exchange students) and first-years cannot submit a new organization proposal.
    2. You will need at least 6 of the names and class years of the members interested in your organization and you may be asked to submit more than 6 if you require more resources.
    3. The list of potential members on the proposal must be more than half returning students.
    4. Proposals will be accepted each fall after the Activities Fair and before December 1.
  3. Review of Proposal: All proposals are then sent to the Administration & Review Committee and Students’ Association Appropriations Committee leadership to determine if more information is needed before continuing through to the Student Organization Review Board. If needed, someone will be in touch with you to come in for a Question and Answer period with the Student Organization Review Board where they will vote on recommending recognition.
  4. Approval: If a recommendation for recognition by the Student Organization Review Board is given, the Administration & Review Committee will then vote to pass it officially. Upon approval, you will receive a Resource Agreement from the ARC Chair. The submitter of the New Organization Proposal will receive an email from WCSA with instructions on how to register the organization on CCC and your assigned advisor. The following three steps must be completed within a week of receiving the notification of approval.
    1. Campus Community Connection: Familiarize yourself with the Campus Community Connection as this is the official resource for student organizations. Log onto the CCC and complete the public information about your organization, officer contacts, and member lists.
    2. Constitution: Sign and return to ARC to finalize your Constitution and then upload a signed copy onto your CCC.
    3. Resource Agreement: Sign and return to ARC to finalize your Resource Agreement.
  5. After Approval: Steps to be completed after the approval of the student organization.
    1. Administration & Review Committee Analyst:  Schedule a meeting with your ARC analyst to discuss best practices, resources, and the Student Organization Handbook.
    2. Advisor: Schedule meeting with your assigned advisor.
    3. Student Organization Finance Office: Visit the SOFO office to learn how to access funds for a general interest meeting, supplemental funding, and the budgeting process.
    4. Activity Reflection Forms: Complete Activity Reflection Forms for any activities that occur following your recognition including general interest meetings.


Review Student Organization Criteria

Review Student Organization Category Definitions