Meditation & Prayer Room

The Meditation & Prayer room is located on the 3rd floor of Douglass Commons, in a quiet hallway off the third floor lounge. There are two ablution rooms next to the space and shoe covers are provided for anyone who wants to keep their shoes on when using the room. Shoes can be stored under the bench inside the room. There are meditation cushions and mats available for use inside the room. This is not a room for group work or conversations.

When in the mediation and prayer room, please follow these guidelines:

  • This room is to be used for meditation or prayer and not for any other purposes.
  • Please respect others using the space and maintain a peaceful, quiet atmosphere.
  • All electronic devices should be silenced.
  • Shoes must be removed before entering or covered in the provided covers.
  • No food or drink is allowed.
  • Symbols of faith must be removed after each individual or group usage, and the overall tone of the room must be religiously neutral.
  • The use of fire, including lit candles or incense, is not permitted.

Meditation Tips

Information regarding meditation and mindfulness can be found on the Mindful University Project webpage.