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Student Organizations

Student Organization Fundraising

Fundraisers are a great way to raise money for your student organization or your community. There are two distinct ways you can fundraise:

  • Direct solicitation (e.g., crowdfunding, newsletters, direct mail, etc.)
  • Events (e.g. benefit dinner, race, pie in face, etc.)

All fundraising begins with filling out the Student Organization Fundraising & Get Connected Alumni Request From: Fill out the Student Organization Fundraising & Get Connected Request

After completing the Student Organization Fundraising Request you must speak with your Student Organization Advisor and submit an Event Registration through CCC: [Register your Fundraising Event]

Successful fundraising:

  • Make sure that the reason you are raising money is a legitimate cause.
  • Keeping your goal in mind.
  • Be creative.
  • Fundraising a group effort. Get as many people involved as possible.
  • Communicate with your Advisor.

Fundraising Ideas

The following are ideas for creative fundraising projects. This list just scratches the surface of the many projects available to raise money:

  • Concert
  • Talent show
  • Dinner/gala
  • Film or movie festival
  • Contests (seed spitting, eating the fastest, throwing, stack-relay, best beard, etc.)

Fundraising events must comply with all event registration and student organization fundraising policies.


Crowdfunding enables your organization to fundraise from a large number of people your network can reach via web, email, and social media.

Using crowdfunding benefits your organization and your donors. Donor gifts are tax-deductable to the extent of the law. Benefits to your organization include:

  • Reach a much broader audience than tabling in Wilson Commons.
  • No upfront costs.
  • Learn philanthropic and stewardship practices.

Expectations and requirements:

  • Student organization campaigns must have or get an account through the Students’ Association Appropriation Committee (SAAC).
  • Student organization campaigns should support their mission.
  • All campaigns with a goal of more than $40,000 will need to meet with crowdfunding director Kyle deManincor to review their application.

Fundraising Policy

  1. The Student Fundraising Policy applies whenever a student organization seeks to raise private monetary or volunteer support, or sponsorship in the name of the University of Rochester from any entity (e.g. individuals including alumni, parents, students, foundations and corporations) via a fundraising opportunity.
  2. A fundraising opportunity is defined as one that involves the solicitation of multiple individual donors/volunteers and is not already part of an on-going fundraising program.
  3. Examples of opportunities for which student organizations may consider fundraising include annual programming, speaker series, leadership conference attendance or other leadership training, service trips, travel expenses, event sponsorship, materials and supplies, building/maintenance campaigns, honoring funds, and organization-based annual funds.
  4. Prior to embarking upon a fundraising opportunity, all interested student organizations must complete and submit the Student Organization Fundraising Application.
  5. All applications will be reviewed by the appropriate staff from with the Wilson Commons Student Activities Office and the Office of Advancement and may be approved, recommended for revision, or denied in consultation with the Dean of the College.
  6. Any student organization that does not agree to adhere to the Student Fundraising Policy and/or does not submit a Student Fundraising Application, yet otherwise proceeds with fundraising without approval will face the appropriate repercussions.
  7. Any organization requesting financial or in-kind (food and drink, materials, supplies, etc.) support from members of the Board of Trustees – both current voting members and life trustees – must receive written approval from both Wilson Commons and University Advancement prior to initiating conversation.
  8. Any organization requesting financial or in-kind (food and drink, materials, supplies, etc.) support from Wegmans Food Markets, Danny Wegman, or any member of the Wegman family must receive written approval from both Wilson Commons and University Advancement prior to initiating conversation.
  9. The Office of Advancement is a donor-centric organization and reserves the right to communicate with and solicit any and all alumni, parents, community members or friends of the University at any time for any opportunity.
  10. Certain fundraising opportunities are exempt from the Student Organization Fundraising Application requirement:
    1. class campaign gifts (which are already administered through University staff support); and
    2. student fundraising events which do not involve University alumni, parents, faculty/staff or community friends.
  11. Remember, the Office of Advancement and Wilson Commons Student Activities staff are your partners and guides in fundraising. During planning and execution of student organization fundraising opportunities, they will be available to:
    1. ensure that all fundraising opportunities are in alignment with the priorities and mission of the institution;
    2. maintain an orderly and respectful approach to private funding sources and prospects;
    3. help student organizations understand fundraising best practices, set feasible fundraising goals and develop opportunity plans; and
    4. ensure smooth donor communication, acknowledgement/stewardship, donation management and receipting processes.

Overall student organization fundraising request questions can be sent to Brian Magee at