Fundraising and Alumni Connection Types

College Student Organization Specific Policies

Any student organization that does not agree to adhere to the Student Fundraising Policy and/or does not follow the appropriate process, yet otherwise proceeds with fundraising without approval will face the appropriate repercussions.

  1. Certain fundraising opportunities are exempt from the Student Organization Fundraising Application requirement:
    1. Class campaign gifts (which are already administered through University staff support); and
    2. Student fundraising events which do not involve University alumni, parents, faculty/staff or community friends.
  2. Remember, the Office of Advancement and Wilson Commons Student Activities staff are your partners and guides in fundraising. During planning and execution of student organization fundraising opportunities, they will be available to:
    1. Ensure that all fundraising opportunities, including (but not limited to) selling items at the Shops @ Wilco, crowdfunding, etc. are in alignment with the priorities and mission of the institution;
    2. Maintain an orderly and respectful approach to private funding sources and prospects;
    3. Help student organizations understand fundraising best practices, set feasible fundraising goals and develop opportunity plans; and
    4. Ensure smooth donor communication, acknowledgement/stewardship, donation management and receipting processes.

Hosting an Event/Activity/Program with a Primary Goal of Fundraising or Selling Items in the Shops @ Wilco

College Student Organizations that would like to host an event, activity, or program or sell items at the Shops @ Wilco can submit their request by following the Activity Registration process.

Please refer to the Shops @ Wilco policies prior to submitting any requests.


Crowdfunding requests can be initiated by completing the Crowdfunding, Donation Receipts, and Newsletter request on CCC.  Once your request has been received a member of the WCSA fundraising team will contact you to discuss your submission and timelines.

Some important steps before you initiate a Crowdfunding request:

  1. A successful crowdfunding opportunity requires commitment and energy from student organization leaders and members. Each group is encouraged to designate one member of the organization as a fundraising leader who can regularly communicate with UR staff members and lead fundraising efforts on behalf of the student organization. In addition, designating a group of dedicated organization members who will commit to completing action items is also recommended.
  2. The fundraising opportunity leader should obtain approval from the group’s advisor before completing the Student Organization Fundraising Application.
  3. Prior to beginning the application, student organizations should obtain the following information:
    1. Student Organization Information
    2. Organization Leadership Information
    3. Fundraising Opportunity Information
    4. Fundraising Opportunity Budget
    5. Fundraising Opportunity Timeline
    6. Prospective Donor Information
    7. Other Funding Sources
  4. Incomplete applications will be returned to the organization for revision.
  • Funds raised via a crowdfunding campaign need to be used as intended per the goal of the campaign
  • It is imperative to set realistic goals (not too low and not too high)
  • Once the campaign goal is reached, the campaign page will no longer be live
  • Transactions must go through SOFO to ensure reimbursement will not be necessary
  • Crowdfunding funds with a specific goal must be exhausted before University or Supplemental funds are used
  • Campaigns are allowed to occur once every other year unless an exception is granted on a case by case basis
  • Fundraising for transportation expenses, accommodations and registration expenses is permitted. Food and other personal expenses are not

Campaigns for Nationals and Post-Season Competition:

  • These campaigns can occur as needed once an organization has qualified for post-season play
  • Funds from a Post-Season campaign must be used for transportation expenses, accommodations or registration expenses ONLY. Food and other personal expenses are not permitted
  • In order to accommodate a quick turnaround time for post-season competition, the Crowdfunding process will be expedited after a meeting with the Assistant Director of Club Sports & Crowdfunding in WCSA

Donation Receipts for Contributors

If your organization has received financial or in-kind support from donors outside of the Advancement Gift Link, you may submit a  Crowdfunding, Donation Receipts, and Newsletter request on CCC to request that a donation receipt be sent to your donor.  Once your request has been received a member of the WCSA fundraising team will work with the appropriate parties to process your request.

Alumni Newsletters With/Without Financial Ask

College Student Organizations that would like to utilize Alumni/Advancement to create and distribute a newsletter to their Alumni must fill out the  Crowdfunding, Donation Receipts, and Newsletter request on CCC.

**In order to make sure your communication is read by as many alumni as possible; Alumni Relations needs at least 3 weeks advance notice to schedule your email or newsletter. You can always submit your proposal form before your email or newsletter has been created.

Note: Communications cannot be sent during the following dates.

  • Fall: 3 weeks prior to and during Meliora Weekend; last 3 weeks of December
  • Spring: 2 weeks prior to Day of Giving in early May

College Student Organizations that would like to send correspondence to their Alumni separate from Alumni Relations may use the Newsletter Template.

All newsletters that will have a financial ask in them, must go through the Crowdfunding, Donation Receipts, and Newsletter request form.