Student Organization Annual Review

Each year, the Students’ Association Government and Wilson Commons Student Activities jointly administer the Student Organization Annual Review (SOAR). The goal of the annual review is to ensure student organizations are meeting expectations, assessing the activities they offer the campus, and are receiving feedback on resources needed to be successful. SOAR’s evaluation is also utilized by the Students’ Association Appropriations Committee (SAAC) during their budgeting review period. Please note, student organizations recognized during the fall semester do not need to complete the annual review.

2023 SOAR Rubric

2023 Self-Report Questions

Helpful Tips

  • The entire executive board should be involved in the completion of the self-report. This is not a process that should be completed by one officer.

  • Include as much detail as possible. Tell us about your activities (what went well, what didn’t), co-sponsorships, and how your organization really strived to meet your mission.

  • Your organization is encouraged to review your self-report with your advisor before submitting.

  • Review your organization’s CCC website sooner than later. Check out our CCC FAQs for tips on how to make your CCC site sparkle and shine. Also, encourage your executive board to upload an image for their CCC profile. Organizations where all executive boards have a profile image earn points towards their evaluation.


Resources are available to assist student organization leaders in completing their self-report and assessment forms. These include:

  • Attend a SOAR Information Session hosted by the Student Organization Administration & Review Committee. Registration not required

  • Fall 2024 dates will be announced during the fall semester.
  • New to your organization’s executive board? You can review old SOAR self-reports and letters within your organization’s CCC dashboard. You’ll want to locate the “SOAR Report” folder within your “Files”.

  • Reach out to your organization’s advisor

  • Contact The Administration & Review Committee

  • Contact Wilson Commons Student Activities


SOAR Timelines


Item Due:

Late-October/Early-November 2023

Self-Report goes live

11:59 p.m. Sunday, December 17, 2023

All Activity Reflections from January 2023 through December 2023 are due.

Week of Sunday, December 17, 2023

CCC site evaluation will be conducted.

Friday, December 29 2023

Advisors must approve/reject organization Activity Reflections and provide their feedback on their organizations.

11:59 p.m. Sunday, January 7th

Self-Report Due

11:59 p.m. Sunday, January 14th

Late Deadline for Self-Report

Monday, January 8 2024

Approved Activity Reflections will be uploaded by WCSA to organization CCC sites.

Wednesday, January 17th

Submitted Self-Reports will be compiled and provided to the Student Organization Administration & Review Committee.

January 17th through March 6th

Student Organization Administration & Review Committee reads and evaluates submitted Self-Reports.

Friday, March 8th

SOAR letters from the Student Organization Administration & Review Committee will be uploaded to organization CCC sites.