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Event Planning

Off-Campus Trips

All student organizations sponsoring an off-campus group trip should discuss the trip with their primary advisor. It is the responsibility of student organization executive boards to know the risks and liabilities of a group trip and how best to ensure participation safety. Meet with your primary advisor to go over the different types of trips and the risks and liabilities of each.

All Off-Campus Trips (Regardless of Destination or Attendee Population)

Meet with your Primary Advisor: Meet with your primary advisor at least two weeks before travel. If there are ticket sales or other activities planned as a part of the trip more time will be needed.

Trip Manager: Identify a Trip Manager(s) from the organizing group. Trip managers are responsible for holding on to all emergency contact information for the Department of Public Safety, primary advisor, hotel/destination, and any drivers.

Accident or Injury: If an accident or injury occurs during the trip, an Accident and Injury Form must be completed within 24 hours.

Traveling over 25 Miles from Campus 

  • If your destination is more than 25 miles away from Rush Rhees Library, you must go through the group travel process. This video explains the group travel process.
  • Please note that if the process and timeline are not met, you will not be authorized to travel.
  • Group Travel Process Timeline
    • Minimum of 5 business days prior to departure:
      • Submit the Group Travel Form
        • Indicate “Pre-Approval” if you are submitting the initial request to travel. Your advisor will review the form and move the process forward.
    • Before 3 P.M. 1 business day prior to departure: (i.e. Thursday at 3 P.M. if the trip leaves on Friday or the weekend)
    • Before 3 P.M. 1 business day prior to departure: (i.e. Thursday at 3 P.M. if the trip leaves on Friday or the weekend)
      • Edit and resubmit the Group Travel Form
      • Indicate “Final Approval”

Trips Requiring Transportation (Any Destination)

  • If your trip requires transportation, please refer to the Transportation page.
  • If using buses:
    • There must be 1 Trip Manager per bus.
      • Trip managers should inform attendees what time they need to meet the bus for the return trip before departing campus.
    • Only ticket holders may board the bus for events where transportation is included in the cost of the ticket.
      • Trip Managers can/should deny general public access to transportation
    • All buses must have a sign, visible from the outside that indicates:
      • Destination
      • Group sponsoring the Trip
      • Times the bus is operating
    • Trips within 25 miles of Rush Rhees do not need group travel acknowledgement, waivers, and release forms

Off-Campus Trips (International)

If your student organization is potentially traveling internationally, please contact your primary advisor immediately to begin the approval process. There is a minimum of two months’ notice required.