Public Safety Event Services

Depending on the nature of the event, your student group advisor will add University of Rochester Department of Public Safety as a reviewer of your event registration submission. The reasons for their involvement in the pre-planning and research of these events are to:

  • Provide a safe and secure environment
  • Prevent crime
  • Maintain order
  • Protect persons and property
  • Respond to and implement emergency services when required
  • Prepare for and request necessary emergency and non-emergency services
  • Determine the best methods for achieving these goals in a cost effective manner

Special Events Risk Factors

The following risk factors affect the amount of public safety staff required at an event.

Factors that increase risk levels for any event:

  • The need for personal protection for speakers, performers or guests
  • Guest(s) will be on campus at multiple locations
  • Off-campus advertising
  • Cash protection/deliveries
  • Anticipation of large ticket sales
  • Night time event
  • Outdoor venue
  • Live/amplified entertainment
  • Multiple events on the same day
  • Venues with multiple entrances
  • Traffic control needs
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Lack of timely notification
  • Potential of opposition to event entrance

Factors that may decrease risk levels for any event:

  • Guest(s) will be on campus at one general location
  • Events limited to University of Rochester students, faculty and/or staff
  • Competing event elsewhere will affect attendance
  • Patrons are screened for weapons at the entrance
  • Prior events of similar nature with no history of safety problems
  • Day time event
  • Indoor venue
  • Shorter duration of event
  • Historically poor ticket sales
  • Student Affairs oversight and presence at student events
  • Formal or semi-formal events

Special Event Staffing Matrix

The Public Safety Department Staffing Matrix is a guideline to assist the planner in reasonably predicting the staffing levels necessary for their event. The number of the personnel assigned may vary as dictated by the nature of the particular event, or as calculated to be necessary.

 Low RiskMedium RiskHigh Risk
Estimated number of attendance at an event/party0-100101-200201-500501-1,0001,001- 2,0002,001+
Public Safety staffing needs0-21-23-54-76-10TBD
Demonstrations, dignitary visitors, large multivenue special eventsStaffing needs to be determined by Department of Public Safety

All events are subject to assignment of an event supervisor if factors deem appropriate. All events subject to Rochester Police Department (RPD) involvement if factors deem appropriate.

Public Safety at Events

Organizations sponsoring events that require public safety officers must make contact a minimum of ten business days before the event. Public safety will provide the student organization with an estimate of the number of personnel needed and the related costs. A signed contract and accompanying payment to public safety is required at least two business days before the event date.

Student Responsibilities when Working with Public Safety

Student organizations must:

  • Provide event managers to check that all event attendees have valid college ID (if ID checks are required)
  • Accept full responsibility for all public safety costs including any damages to public safety equipment that occur during the event
  • Notify public safety if the event is canceled at least 48 hours before the event start time*

*Failure to properly notify public safety will result in a charge for four hours for each public safety staff member assigned to the event

Public Safety Fund

The Office of the Dean of Students maintains a fund to assist SA-recognized organizations who have a small membership or plan on having significant numbers of non-UR community members attend the event to pay for safety costs associated with their event. This fund will be used to supplement budgeted event funds.

Any SA-recognized organization that is hosting an event can apply for these funds. Groups can only apply to this fund once per semester.

Prerequisites for Applying

Student organization must:

  • Be an SA-recognized student organization
  • Have discussed this fund request with their primary advisor

The proposed event must be:

  • On campus
  • Open to all University of Rochester undergraduates

Process for Receiving Funding

The organization requesting funding must complete the Public Safety Fund Request page during the Event Registration Process through the CCC. The form requires the following information:

  • The level of security mandated for the event.
  • The amount of money requested from the Public Safety Fund
  • The full list of expenses and funding sources for the event (includes group’s budgeted funds, outside funding, and estimated ticket sales)

The Event Registration Committee will determine if additional funding for security will be provided. This decision will be based on if the:

  • Group pursued other avenues for funding (ex. SA supplemental funding)
  • Security presence is higher than the group anticipated in its budget and is higher than the group’s reasonable ability to pay
  • Event will not be financially successful without the assistance of this fund
  • Event will have a beneficial impact on the University of Rochester community

Funding will also be basis on the size of the group, with preference given to organizations with fewer than 13 members who have less financial ability to pay for security.