What Is an Advisor and Why You Need One

Each student organization is assigned at least one staff or faculty advisor to provide support and resources to the student group. An advisor is responsible for working closely with the organization's executive board members and providing consistent feedback to help the group operate successfully. As a staff or faculty member, your advisor is well-connected to the University community and can direct you to resources and advocate on your group's behalf when necessary.

An advisor provides continuity to your organization, especially as members graduate. Advisors should be aware of the goals, mission, and vision of your organization.

Your advisor is familiar with University policies and can help the leaders of your organization learn the regulations and comply with them. Your advisor should also be familiar with any national, state, or regional bylaws that are relevant to your organization and can provide guidance in helping your group to adhere to these expectations.

Keep your advisor informed of the activities of the organization, including the outcomes of programs, events, fundraisers, recruitment, and new ideas for upcoming events. An advisor's signature is often required on financial documents and other forms to ensure the group is following policies and using resources effectively. Meet regularly with your advisor to share this information and to make sure you are on the same page.

An advisor will be able to help support your organization through challenges and will help executive board members evaluate outcomes and make decisions in the best interest of the organization. He or she can coach you on locating resources, goal-setting, organizational management, program planning, problem-solving, and evaluation. Be sure to use your advisor as a resource for your organization's success!