Recruitment Tips

Successful recruitment of new members is essential to your organization's sustainability and success over time. To maximize the effectiveness of recruitment, your group should establish a recruiting strategy and goals each semester or academic year.

In order to recruit new members, you must be able to clearly present the mission of the organization, the types of events and activities that you often do, and the different ways in which members can contribute to the group. All current members should actively participate in recruitment efforts.

Focus on the quality of new members, instead of the quantity. People who are truly devoted to the mission and purpose of your organization are more likely to become active members and contribute positively to your group.

Here are some additional tips:

  • Encourage members to bring a friend to an open meeting with an ice-breaker activity and food or giveaways. Be sure to talk about the benefits to joining your group.
  • Hold informational meetings for prospective members.
  • Follow up with people who have expressed an interest in the group, or those who attend recruiting events or meetings, thanking them for their attendance and inviting them to the next event.
  • Have members speak about their experience within the group and the different skills/experience that they have gained from participation.
  • Advertise through multiple mediums to reach different audiences. Word of mouth is always powerful, so encourage all members to talk to friends about your organization's events. Consider different ways to reach the population that you think would be most interested in your group's mission.
  • Offer incentives for current members who bring new people to meetings.
  • Publicize awards or successful programs that your organization has been a part of.
  • Collaborate and work with other organizations and offices on campus so that more people are aware of your group and the different things that you do.
  • Make it easy to participate by establishing a consistent meeting schedule.
  • Recognize new members for their interest and make them feel welcomed.