Bonfires Policy

As soon as your group identifies that it wishes to put on a bonfire or s’more pits, you must meet with your primary advisor to discuss your intentions for the event. You will then schedule a campus providers meeting that includes your primary advisor, University Fire Marshal, facilities, public safety, and residential life review the event.

At the event the main bonfire can be no taller than six feet.

Approved Location

Bonfires and s’more pits can only be held on Sage Lawn. You can reserve the O’Brien Conference Room for event supplies night before/day of including wood, food, extinguishers.


Supplies needed:

  • Wood (you must supply your own)
  • Hose (provided by facilities)
  • Fire extinguishers (provided by University Fire Marshal after the deposit is paid)*
  • Small burn barrels for roasting s’mores (provided by facilities)
  • Buckets of water next to small burn barrels (you must supply)

Only acoustic music is allowed at these events (no amplifiers).

* Event managers are must be trained on fire extinguishers by the Fire Marshal.


At least 15 people must be staffing the event at any given time. If this number is not met, the event will not be approved. If your groups will be using the s’mores pits then you will need to add one additional person per pit.


If food will be part of the event you must include the campus sanitarian as part of the campus providers meeting. Facilities will provide trash cans for the event.