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Collection Drive Policy

Student organizations interested in hosting any collection drive (food drive, clothing drive, school supplies drive, etc.) must register the drive on CCC at least eight days prior to the start of the requested reservation date. Reservations are made on a first-come, first-serve basis. Each semester, Collection Drives can be registered for no sooner than the first day of classes and for no later than the last day of classes. Collection Drives may not be registered for during the semester breaks.

Currency CANNOT be collected in the donation boxes.

WCSA, as well as the departments and staff of the approved Collection Drive location, are not responsible for the theft of items placed in the donation box. 

Collection Drive Location Policy

All approved locations for Collection Drives can be viewed in the CCC Event Registration form, but include various locations in Residence Halls, the Library, and Student Life spaces. Most locations can only host one Collection Drive box at once. A student organization may put a collection box in up to four spaces per drive. This number may change depending on the time of the year. Your student organization advisor will be able to advise you on what locations are available at what time. Any collection boxes placed in a location that is not on the approved locations list, or without an approved event registration, will be removed.

The Hillside Market location is only available to Food Drives hosted in conjunction with the Food Pantry.

Collection Drives may last no longer than two weeks. The student organizations must monitor the contents of the box on an on-going basis, and tidy-up or remove items as needed. Collection boxes must be retrieved the evening the Collection ends. Collection boxes that are consistently unmonitored, overflowing, or not collected by the morning after the drive ends will be removed. 

Marketing and Advertising Policy

Student organizations hosting Collection Drives are responsible for providing their own donation boxes, and must clearly market and advertise their drive. Bins and boxes should be clean and not broken or ripped.

Bins and boxes must be clearly marked with information about the drive, including the name of the hosting student organization(s), the collection start and end dates, what is being collected, and who is benefitting from the collection.