Food and Alcohol Policy

Events with Food

Events with food must use an approved caterer or follow the rules for food events on the Sanitarian's website. All events with alcohol in Wilson Commons and/or Douglass Commons must be catered by Meliora Catering. See the catering page for more information. 

If using a drop-off catering service, the sponsoring organization is responsible for cleaning up and disposing of the garbage associated with the event. If the garbage in a room is full after a food event, the sponsoring organization must notify the building manager.

Eating Competitions

All participants must sign off on a physical liability release and Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT) must be on site for the event. The sponsoring organization is responsible for all cleanup.

Events with Alcohol

Any event involving alcohol must adhere to the University’s Drug and Alcohol Policy.

SWARM Monitors

Events with alcohol require organization’s to assign a SWARM monitors prior to the event date. All SWARM monitors must attend training through University Health Service (UHS).

One SWARM monitor is required for every 25 expected guests. SWARM monitor duties include:

  • Being present throughout the event
  • Making sure all NYS laws, and University of Rochester policies and guidelines are followed
  • Monitoring for signs of alcohol poisoning, drug overdose, or other worrisome situations
  • Watching for disruptive, harmful or unsafe behavior
  • Knowing who else is monitoring the event and how to contact them in case of emergency
  • Wearing the SWARM monitor t-shirt throughout the event*
  • Check proof of age at the door for all guests entering the event
  • Mark attendees as over or under 21
  • Control the service of alcohol; anyone under the age of 21 or who are visibly intoxicated must not be served
  • Frequently check restrooms and other areas where partygoers may be
  • Keep unused rooms, such as bedrooms, locked and secure
  • Ensure that nothing is blocking a fire exit
  • Ensure occupancy limits for the house and rooms are obeyed

*All student organizations interested in hosting an event(s) with alcohol will be given up to eight t-shirts at no cost. Additional t-shirts, replacement t-shirts, etc. will be available for purchase. The price of each t-shirt is $10.

SWARM monitors cannot consume any alcohol or drugs before or during the event.