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Food Truck Policy

Food Trucks

In order for a student organization to host a food truck on campus, they must complete a food truck application. This application is due by midnight on August 10 for fall semester events and January 15 for spring semester events. 

There are limited times for student organizations to hold events with food trucks. The stronger your application, the more likely we’ll be able to support your event. We look for a number of things including extent of planning, expected attendance and audience, collaboration, and focus of event.

To host a food truck on campus, student organizations must:

  • Have a plan to cover associated costs including:
    1. The $30 permit fee per event
    2. Up to $150 for facility services
    3. Additional event costs
  • Ensure the requested food trucks is on the authorized food truck list
  • Confirm that their primary advisor on Campus Community Connection (or advisor’s designee) is present before, during, and after the event to supervise

Food trucks may also be allowed on campus as a catered event. Catered events are events where food is provided free to the guests and not sold to individual participants. If the event is catered, the event must be approved through the food truck event form through the campus Sanitarian's Office.

Events with food trucks cannot happen between Meliora Weekend and spring break due to weather concerns and timing.

During academic year breaks and summer sessions food trucks may also be allowed to sell on campus if sponsored by the Breaks Committee and/or the Arts, Sciences and Engineering Office of Summer Programs and Part-Time Studies.

The current approved locations with the number of trucks are: Southside (one truck), O'Brien (one truck), Wilson Quad (up to three trucks), and LeChase/Rettner Plaza (up to two trucks). They cannot be located in fire lanes, on pavers, behind the Sage Art Center, or on the Eastman Quad.

All food trucks will be required to provide the following:

  • Certificate of insurance, naming the University of Rochester as an additional insured, evidencing the following insurance:
    • General Liability Insurance with $1 million per occurrence/$2 million aggregate
    • Auto Insurance with $1 million in coverage
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance as required by New York State (NYS)
  • Disability Insurance as required by NYS
  • Copy of Monroe County-Issued Permit
  • Copy of Current Food Safety Certification for at least one food handler
  • Agree to follow the NYS sanitary code regulations for retail food trucks
  • Allow for a Campus Sanitarian's Office inspection prior to or during the event

In addition, all food trucks must sign a contract with the University. Food trucks are not allowed on campus at any other time or occasion.

Questions should be directed to the Brian Magee, associate director of Wilson Commons.