Social Event with Off-Campus Guests in Public Spaces Policy

Any time a student organization hosts an evening party/social event with off-campus guests in a public space (May Room, Feldman Ballroom, etc.) the policy below must be followed.

Off-campus guests needs to sign up on a google document prior to the event. The Department of Public Safety will allow guests to be added to the list up to 6 p.m. the night of the event. Guests will need to show valid college ID upon arrival. Names must be checked off the list when entrance is made.

All fliers and publicity must acknowledge that only pre-signed up guests with valid college ID will be admitted. We strongly urge all publicity to go through collegiate channels.

The organizers of the event will meet with public safety prior to the day of the event to talk through good risk management strategies and will be present and available during the event.

An advisor and other representative from the department that houses the organizing group must have someone in attendance at the beginning of the event to make sure all proper signage is utilized and the event is properly staffed.

Price escalation will only be allowed if the group follows these protocols:

  • Well-advertised cut-off times for early pricing on all promotional materials including flyers, Facebook events, email invitations, and CCC submissions
  • Designated volunteers to work the line for 15 minutes leading up to the advertised cut-off time
  • Raffle tickets or wristbands to designate all guests who arrive in the line before the cut-off time
  • Five to ten minute grace period, determined by Public Safety, on a case-by-case basis