SAAC Policy Guidelines

The Students' Association Appropriations Committee (SAAC) primarily works with the business manager for organizations that are recognized by the Students' Association (SA) and that “bank” with the Student Organization Finance Office (SOFO) in order to process transactions.

SAAC works with student organizations to create and maintain budgets that are in line with SA Government policies and SAAC guidelines. Organizations that are budgeted, flat-funded, or have an agency account must go through SOFO for financial transactions, even if it is an unbudgeted program or expense.

The business manager is the only member of a student organization that is authorized to transact in the SOFO. All business managers must attend the mandatory  Business Manager Training in the fall. If you fail to do so, your organization’s funds will be frozen until you receive approval from the SA treasurer.  If the Business Manager is unable to attend the mandatory training, they may send an e-board member in their place AFTER receiving approval from the SA Treasurer.

If your organization does not get any funding from the SA, there may be some exceptions to SAAC policies for agency accounts. Please discuss these with your student accountant. Even with the exceptions, organization accounts must maintain proper accounting of all funds and business managers must attend the required Business Manager Training.

Visit  SAAC's web page on the SA Government website for more detailed policy information, digital copies of approved budgets for this school year, monthly reports, and more.


Each spring, SAAC begins its budgeting cycle for the upcoming fiscal year. All groups that seek funding from the SA must participate in the budgeting process in order to be considered for SA funding. The most important stages in the process are:

  • Budget training session for business managers
  • Working with fellow e-board members and committees to ensure proper budgeting for all aspects of a student organization
  • Continued interaction/communication between your organization, student accountant, and your advisor

All organizations should review the budgeting guidelines that have been developed for your category on the SAAC website. 

Flat-Funded Organizations

Flat-funded organizations do not submit a budget each year and are not required to attend the Business Manager Budget Training sessions. Flat-funded organizations fall under one of the three categories listed below:

  • Pre-professional and undergraduate academic councils: Receive $200 annually
  • Religious and political organizations: Receive $80 annually, to be used for General Interest Meetings (GIMs)
  • Class councils: Receive a predetermined amount annually