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Main Office

Office for Residential Life and Housing Services
020 Gates Hall
University of Rochester
P.O. Box 270468
Rochester, New York 14627-0468

(585) 275-3166
Fax: (585) 276-1886

Undergraduate Housing

Undergraduate Assignment Coordinator | (585) 275-3166
All questions related to room assignments, room changes and the senior departmental staff may be addressed to

Graduate Housing

Graduate Assignments Coordinator | (585) 275-1081
All questions related to graduate and family housing may be addressed to

Commuter Student/Off Campus Living

All questions related to living in non-University housing in the Rochester area, rental listings, commuter support service may be addressed to

University Residential Facilities Maintenance

All questions related to maintenance issues in any University student residential facility on River Campus may be addressed to or call (585) 273-4567.

Maintenance for Riverview and Southside is different than on main campus. Because these apartment communities are managed by outside companies, each company has their own maintenance process. Please refer to your area office:

  • Riverview Apartments: (585) 235-2161, or visit the Manager's Office in Building C
  • Southside Living Center: (585) 271-7604, or use the maintenance request form located in the Valentine Lobby

Area Offices

Residence Halls and Apartments

Area Office Information

First-Year Quad Residence Halls
(Gilbert, Hoeing, Lovejoy, and Tiernan Halls)
Quad Area Office
100 Gilbert Hall
(585) 275-5685
First-Year Hill Residence Halls
(Gannett, Hollister, Morgan, and Gates Wings, Genesee Hall)
First-Year Hill Area Office
104 Morgan
(585) 275-8764
Burton and CrosbyQuad Area Office
100 Gilbert Hall
(585) 275-5685
Jackson Court
(Anderson Tower, Wilder Tower, and O’Brien Hall)
Jackson Court Area Office
114 O’Brien Hall
(585) 276-4682
Hill Court
(Chambers, Fairchild, Gale, Kendrick, Munro, and Slater Houses)
Hill Court/Southside Area Office
110 Gale House
(585) 273-5853
Fraternity Quad
(Fraternity Houses, Drama, Douglass Leadership)
Quad Area Office
100 Gilbert Hall(585) 275-5685
Southside Living Area
(deKiewiet, Valentine Towers, and Maisonettes)
Hill Court/Southside Area Office
110 Gale House
(585) 276-6839
Riverview ApartmentsThe Bridge Area Office
B114 Sig Ep
(585) 276-6839
Brooks Crossing ApartmentsThe Bridge Area Office
B114 Sig Ep
(585) 276-6839