Housing Options

Why Should You Live On Campus?

On-Campus Employment

Students who plan to work during their college years have plenty of convenient employment options on campus or nearby.

Academic Success

Recent studies demonstrate that students who live in campus housing have higher graduation rates, GPAs, and report greater satisfaction with their collegiate experience.

Health and Safety

Resident assistants (RAs), student aides, and the Department of Public Safety are on call and complete rounds nightly. There are over 200 blue-light emergency phones all across campus and the Student Association runs a late-night transport service. University Health Service is located near Susan B. Anthony Hall and Strong Memorial Hospital is just around the corner.


Through roommate and community agreements, you not only learn how to live on your own, but as a citizen of a community.


Join Hall Council, the Residence Hall Association, or become an EcoRep. Gain leadership skills and learn from other leaders like RAs, First-Year Fellows, and D’Lions.


Living on campus puts you closer to faculty, classes, the library, the fitness center, dining facilities, and more. Parking (for upperclass students), Zip Cars and rentable bikes are available to students

Where Should You Live On Campus?

To decide which housing option is best for you, review each upperclassmen housing page to learn what each option has to offer or review our floor plan page.

We offer traditional corridor style housing, suite style housing, and apartment style housing. Students can live independently or with two to five friends in a variety of options in our on-campus housing.

For room changes, see the room change request guidelines page.