Room Rates

2023-2024 Residence Hall Room Rates
River Campus (standard rate)*$11,332
Brooks Crossing (1 bedroom)$13,616
Brooks Crossing (2, 3, and 4 bedroom)$12,678
Innovation Square$12,678
O'Brien Hall$12,034
Genesee Hall$12,034
Valentine or deKiewiet$11,332
Hill Court (1 bedroom)$12,384

*River Campus rate includes the following locations: Alpha Delta Phi; Anderson; Burton; Chambers; Crosby; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Douglass Leadership House; Drama House; Fairchild; Gale; Gilbert; Hoeing; Kendrick; Lovejoy; Munro; Psi Upsilon; Sigma Alpha Mu; Sigma Chi; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Slater; Susan B. Anthony; Theta Chi; Tiernan; Wilder