Dining, Vending, and Food Delivery

Dining Services

All students living on and off campus are required to participate in a meal plan at some level. New students will select a meal plan as part of the housing and dining application through the admissions portal. Upperclass students will select a meal plan as part of the housing lottery process. You can use the Housing and Meal Plan Research Tool to find a meal plan that works best for you.

If you do not complete the online dining registration or return a dining contract, you will be enrolled in the appropriate minimum plan requirement, and you may be assessed a late registration fee. If you request a plan that does not meet the minimum requirement for your residential group, you will be assigned to the required minimum plan.

We encourage financial aid recipients who have questions regarding how the cost of their meal plan and housing impact their financial aid eligibility to connect with their financial aid counselor.

Locations and Options

Danforth Dining Center and Hillside Market are located in Susan B. Anthony Hall. See the Dining Services website for other dining locations.

Dining Services makes every effort to accommodate the special dietary requirements of every student with a diverse selection of dining options including vegan, vegetarian, kosher, and halal. Students with special dietary needs or food allergies should contact our campus nutritionist at rcnutrition@services.rochester.edu and schedule a meeting with the dining staff to assist them in navigating our locations and offerings.

Contact Dining Services

Dining Services is a separate office from the Office for Residential Life and Housing Services, so please contact them for meal plan questions.

Dining Services
University of Rochester
005 Morgan Wing
Susan B. Anthony Halls
Box 270315
Rochester, New York 14627-0315

(585) 275-8756
(585) 273-1030 fax

Vending Machines

Vending machines are located in many residence halls. Several buildings have vending machines near the laundry machine, including:

  • Genesee Hall
  • Susan B. Anthony Hall
  • O’Brien Hall
  • Tiernan Hall
  • Gilbert Hall
  • Hoeing Hall
  • Lovejoy Hall

The Jackson Court (near Sage) and Hill Court (near Gale) tunnel systems also has vending machines.

These areas do not have vending machines:

  • Burton Hall
  • Crosby Hall
  • Fraternity Quad
  • Southside Living Area
  • Riverview Apartments
  • Brooks Crossing Apartments

Contact the ID office for any vending issues including lost money.

Food Delivery

Outside of your hall there is a blue sign indicating the street address of that hall which you can use for direct food delivery (i.e. Grubhub, Door Dash, etc.) that may help your driver find your hall. We recommend you toggle off contactless delivery and give clear delivery instructions for the driver.