After Hours Assistance

Welcome painted on the large rock outside SBA Hall.

In each residential area there is an evening and overnight emergency on call rotation run by the resident advisor staff. The hours for this on call period are 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. daily. The RA on Duty, as they are called, carries around an emergency phone and completes rounds of the area checking for facilities issues, security concerns, and assisting students with urgent concerns like lock outs (until 2 a.m.) or crises.

Any student with an immediate or life threatening emergency should call Public Safety at (585)275-3333, as soon as possible. Facilities issues can be called in to facilities customer service at (585) 273-4567.

The duty number for your area should be near your RA’s door however here is the campus list.

Note: The duty phone numbers are meant for student use only. Parents and families needing assistance should contact the Department of Public Safety at (585) 275-3333.

Duty Numbers by Location
LocationPhone number
HILL COURT(585) 354-6306
WILDER/O'BRIEN(585) 363-0918
ANDERSON(585) 355-7990
SOUTHSIDE(585) 413-8896
UPPERCLASS QUAD(585) 489-4134
SBA UPPER (Floors 4-6)(585) 413-7154
GENESEE/SBA LOWER (Floors 1-3)(585) 354-5040
HOEING/TIERNAN(585) 355-2321
GILBERT(585) 489-2950
BROOKS/RIVERVIEW(585) 683-8507
GHA DUTY PHONE – Fraternity Quad(585) 683-8330