Space Reservation

A few residential life spaces are available for room reservation. Some have restrictions on use only by primary residents and some are fully open to outside groups. To reserve these spaces you must meet the criteria.

No residential life spaces allow for same day appointments so reservations must be made in advance. No residential life spaces allow for reoccurring reservations (i.e. weekly meetings). Please call the area office that oversees the space to reserve.

First-Year Quad spaces—managed by the Quad Area Office (585) 265-5685

  • Gilbert Conference Room
  • Hoeing Conference Room
  • Tiernan Conference Room

First-Year Hill spaces—managed by the First-Year Hill Area Office (585) 265-8764

  • Friel Lounge
  • Harper Lounge
  • Susan B Anthony Media Lounge

Upperclass Quad spaces—managed by the Bridge Area Office (585) 266-6839

  • Lovejoy Conference Room

Hill Court spaces—managed by the Hill Court and Southside Area Office (585) 273-5853

  • Chambers Media Room
  • Gale Seminar Room
  • Slater Community Room

Jackson Court spaces—managed by the Jackson Court Area Office (585) 276-4682

Multiple spaces within Jackson Court are reservable through virtual EMS. The area office is also happy to assist you with walk-in/same-day reservations. Please stop by the office during regular business hours to do so.

These spaces are available for reservations:

  • O’Brien Dance Studio
  • O’Brien Music Practice Room
  • O’Brien Conference Room
  • Jackson Court Fireplace
    • Reservations need to be submitted at least five business days before the event; if it is less than five business days, check with the area office in person to see if a reservation is possible.
    • No reservation of less than three business days will be considered. Only those students who have participated in fireplace training will be allowed to reserve the space. The fireplace is available Monday through Saturday 6–11:45 p.m. and Sunday 2–8 p.m.
  • Music Practice Room—Book online through MIF directly

Summer Session Programs

If you are an office, program, camp, or organization requesting to host a summer program, camp, and conference on the River Campus at the University of Rochester, you are required to submit a registration form for review and receive approval before you proceed with planning. Please visit the Summer Session page for more information.