Opportunities for Involvement

For incoming students who want to get involved early, there are a number of opportunities provided by the Office of Residential Life (as well as other departments such as Wilson Commons Student Activities and the Center for Community Engagement).

Incoming first-year students have the opportunity to be an EcoRep or a leadership ambassador. Incoming transfer students have the opportunity to be leadership ambassadors.

Both first years and transfer students can apply in their first year on campus to be RAs, fellows, or D’Lions for their next year when those application are available.

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The EcoReps Program is for first-year students who wish to combine their living experience with sustainability efforts and education on campus. This is a joint run program between the College and Office of Residential Life and Housing Services, and is also one of the only leadership positions specifically geared towards first-year students with the expectation that they will work to create change within their community.

EcoReps arrive on campus a few days before their fellow classmates for training. They are responsible for educating students in their halls on environmental issues such as waste reduction and energy conservation through hall activities and events.

There is typically one EcoRep on each first-year residence hall floor. EcoReps work closely with the other student leaders on campus as well as with fellow EcoReps on day-to-day efforts, including:

  • Energy competitions
  • Discussions
  • Hall programs
  • Bulletin boards
  • Committee service
  • Volunteer work for local organizations and community events

EcoReps also receive two academic credits for their work per semester.

There are a number of benefits to being an EcoRep including:

  • Leadership experience
  • Knowledge of environmental and social topics
  • Four credits for the academic year
  • Experience collaborating with key University administration and faculty members, as well as community partners
  • Arriving early to the campus and creating lasting bonds with other like-minded students
  • Assisting the University in obtaining a more sustainable future through collaboration with the community
  • Interact and grow relationships with other environmental group on campus: Greenspace, Grassroots, SAVVY, etc.

Applications are accepted generally May through June. See the EcoRep page on the University’s sustainability website for more information.

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Leadership Ambassador

Leadership ambassadors are representatives from each residential area that serve not only their area but also on the Residential Hall Association (RHA). Each leadership ambassador team is dedicated to enhancing the community and the resident’s experience.

Each group of leadership ambassadors work to build community through intentional programming efforts. They also act as an advocate on behalf of the hall to improve the living conditions in their community. Finally, each council actively recognizes the residents in their hall who participate and contribute to the success of the community.

If you have any questions about becoming a leadership ambassador or would like to apply please contact leadershipga@ur.rochester.edu.

Residential Hall Association

The Resident Hall Association (RHA) serves to represent residence halls and all on-campus students by developing leaders and maintaining an inclusive community through co-sponsorship, student recognition, and additional support services. We work closely with the leadership ambassadors and the Special Interest Housing organizations.

We promote and support advocacy within residential life organizations to improve the quality of the undergraduate residential experience.

We work with residential life to ensure standardization and efficiency of processes between residential life and residential life organizations.

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