Winter Break Closing and Break Housing

UPDATE: Due to the impact of inclement weather, students are approved to stay on campus until December 24th at noon. If extenuating circumstances result in needing more time beyond this extension, please fill out the Winter Stay application and email

Winter Stay Housing—2022

Winter Stay housing begins Friday, December 23, 2022 and ends Saturday, January 7, 2023. All students wishing to remain on campus during break must register.

How do I apply?

As in previous years, campus housing during winter break will be available to all students in campus housing for fall 2022 who also have a housing contract for the spring 2023 semester. Starting this year, based on student feedback, students will be allowed to stay in their existing housing assignment and will not be required to relocate to a designated Winter Stay hall. Students choosing to remain on campus for part or all of Winter Stay (12/23/22-1/7/23) must register using the Winter Stay Housing Registration Form and will be charged a $200 fee to support the operation and maintenance of the residence halls. This fee will be applied to student accounts.

What if I have financial need?

Financial support is available for students with demonstrated financial need (those currently receiving federal and/or institutional aid based on the 2022-23 financial aid application) and will be applied on a sliding scale. Aid will be provided based on the student’s level of need, ranging from 30%-100% coverage of the $200 fee. Please contact your financial aid counselor if you have questions about your level of aid. Students with financial hardship may also request support through the Basic Needs Hub. 

How do I eat on campus during break?

Winter Stay does not require a meal plan, however, Dining Services will have several eating venues on-campus available, operating with reduced hours. A schedule of hours and services are available on Dining's website. Fall meal plans end after service on 12/23/22. Declining from fall meal plans will continue to be active during the Winter Stay period. Additional declining can be added through Dining's website. Students will be responsible for food expenses. Spring meal plans begin 1/7/23. As always, if you are facing food insecurity, you may request support through the Basic Needs Hub and utilize the Food Pantry.

Who is eligible for Winter Stay housing?

Winter Stay housing is limited to undergraduate students currently living in housing who are returning in the spring. Students leaving for Education Abroad programs for spring term, taking a Leave of Absence, graduating in December 2022, commuter students, and new students arriving early for the spring 2023 term are not eligible for Winter Stay housing. Undergraduates are prohibited from staying in graduate housing areas over winter break.

Can I visit my friends and can my friends visit me?

Yes, students who are registered for Winter Stay Housing will be able to visit each other in other residence halls.  Your Winter Stay card access will allow you to swipe in to visit your friends.  HOWEVER, Only Winter Stay students are allowed in the residence halls, so friends and fellow students who are not registered for Winter Stay will not be able to visit you on campus.

If you are anticipating a room change for spring term, please remember you must be here for move change day (Saturday, January 7, 2023).

A list of undergraduate students who register for Winter Stay is provided to Public Safety and area offices.

Who do I contact if I have a question about Winter Stay?

Please direct all Winter Stay questions to the Winter Stay housing email.