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Riverview Apartments

Riverview Apartments

The Riverview Apartments were constructed in a joint undertaking between a private developer and the University in 2008. The area was named after the view of the Genesee River.  These buildings offer unique accommodations: Such as, but not limited to private bedrooms and bathrooms in two, three, and four person-bedroom apartments with full kitchens. The total occupancy is 400 students. The Apartment complex is located in the PLEX neighborhood and the surrounding 19th Ward of the City of Rochester. Every effort was made to ensure a safe and well-established community exists. Local businesses cater to the student population, the University Security team has a satellite office located in the Riverview Apartment complex, and Rochester Police Department has an office that is within a block of Riverview. It features upper-classmen private bedroom apartments with air conditioning, wireless and wired Internet connections, and laundry facilities in each building.

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Riverview Student

“We’re not part of an isolated bubble that’s surrounded by a river, a cemetery, and a hospital,” says Mollie Foust, a KEY Scholar and community assistant at Riverview, a new apartment building leased by the University for upperclassmen. “Students are part of a larger community and people are starting to see that.”
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