Summer Housing

Summer Housing

Summer stays are offered in two categories: by the summer session or short-term stay by the week up to three weeks; one-week minimum. All stays must begin May 15, 2023. We do not offer a per-night rate.

For students staying in Rochester this summer, it's crucial to keep in mind the dates on summer leases and the move-in calendar when making plans, as leaving a summer rental before August 26 without alternative housing could end up costing more than expected; early arrivals for individual students are not permitted, so it's important to have alternative housing plans in place during the gap between leases and move-in day. This also applies when considering a "bridge contract" for summer housing.

Summer housing applications
Summer contracts are currently being accepted. The priority deadline is May 1.

Review the 2023 Summer Housing Fact Sheet (pdf) and the 2023 Summer Housing Rates (pdf) for full summer housing details. If you have questions regarding summer housing, email us at


There are two types of summer contracts for students who will be staying in on-campus housing during the summer months. If you are part of a special program providing summer housing, you must fill out the special program contract. This contract is specific to your program. However, if you are not part of one of these programs, you will need to fill out the Summer Housing contract. This contract is designed for students staying on campus for the summer but not affiliated with a specific program. By filling out the appropriate contract, you will ensure that you have access to all the necessary resources and support during your summer stay on campus.

Summer housing contract:

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Special Program Contract:

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Moving to Summer Housing

All students who receive summer housing will remain in their current spaces until the weekend of May 19. Students will be housed in single and double-occupancy rooms.

The University is not responsible for your personal property. You should consider obtaining insurance coverage for your personal property. Linen service and storage facilities are not provided.

Moving out of Summer Housing & the Bridge Contract

The Bridge period in 2023 is from 8/5 – 8/25. This is one charge of $500, and students cannot sign up for a partial bridge contract. Only students enrolled in summer housing are eligible for the bridge contract. Students will move to their fall housing during the first week of August. Those students who will not be in residential housing must move out Saturday, August 5, 2023.

Summer Housing Locations

The Office for Residential Life will use Susan B. Anthony Hall, Genesee Hall, and Brooks Crossing for summer housing. In apartments, all rooms within an apartment will have students assigned to them.

Apply for Summer Housing

Summer housing is open to students who are currently University of Rochester students and who will be continuing as students in fall 2023. Graduated students are not eligible to stay in summer housing.

Student Employment

If you're a student planning to reside in summer housing from May 7 to August 27, we have exciting news for you! We're currently offering three types of student employment opportunities to help you make the most of your summer. Whether you're looking to gain work experience, earn some extra cash, or simply want to stay productive during the break, our employment opportunities are the perfect way to achieve your goals. To learn more about each of the available positions, simply follow the links below to access the job descriptions.


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Summer Sessions Program

If you are an office, program, camp, or organization requesting to host a summer program, camp, and conference on the River Campus at the University of Rochester, you are required to submit a registration form for review and receive approval before you proceed with planning. Please visit the Summer Session page for more information.