Student Assistants

Each year, the Office for Residential Life and Housing Services hires student assistants to work in the area offices to assist with various tasks.

To see if there are open positions check Job Link or go to any area office to inquire about openings at the beginning of the year.

What do Student Assistants do?

Academic Year Student Assistants

Student assistants in the area offices during the year may assist with working the desk, answering phones, helping students, assisting with room checks, helping students with room changes, filing, and generally helping the area secretary and area coordinator with office work. Student assistants during the year are paid hourly for their work.

Summer Student Assistants

During the summer, service desk assistants (SDAs) and Summer Assistant Manager (SAM) can assist with summer housing, check ins and check outs, preparing the buildings and keys for Fall Opening, assisting with microfridges, helping camps and conferences, and other unique tasks in the summer.

Summer SDAs are compensated $15 per hour. SAMs are compensated $15/hr plus the cost of their room. SAMs will be placed in a double room with a roommate. 

The application for the Summer SA and SAM positions for Summer 2024 will open in March. Visit our summer housing page in March for more information.