Maintenance and Housekeeping

River Campus undergraduate housing comprises approximately one million square feet of living space including over 2,300 bedrooms, over 500 bathrooms, and numerous lounges and program spaces. The facilities staff that serve that area include over 75 individuals who are charged with maintaining the buildings, mechanical systems, life safety systems, and to clean and maintain the common areas of the buildings. Repairs within student rooms are completed over the summer and upon request of the residents during the academic year.

Specifically, our Environmental Service Workers (ESWs) are responsible for keeping the common areas, including hallways, corridor and suite bathrooms, stairwells, lounges, and program spaces cleaned and sanitized. They also remove the trash and recyclable materials that are generated each day.

Our trades staff encompass several types of trades including building mechanics, who take care of the day to day minor repairs, as well as specialized mechanical such as painters, electricians, and plumbers who address emergencies related to those trades as well as provide preventative maintenance on each building’s multiple systems.

The Office for Residential Life and Housing Services facilities management team, in addition to supervising front line staff, are responsible for long term planning and capital repairs and improvements. This includes renovation and/or replacement of finishes (i.e. carpet, cabinetry, counter-tops, fixtures, paint, etc.) and sustainability upgrades including lighting retrofit to LED technologies, energy controls, and required changes due to building fire safety codes and ordinances. Repairs to the building including roof, exterior lighting, window and door repairs, etc. are arranged and supervised by the management staff.

River Campus Work Orders

It is important to call in your own work orders for your room so you can get the emailed status updates. If you see something in a common area, you can alert an RA or put it in yourself.


Please note: there is a difference between University owned and operated facilities and those owned and/or operated by a different group. While considered on-campus housing, Riverview Apartments is both owned and operated by a third party which means their facilities and even damage billing can function much differently than spaces run by Residential Life River Campus facilities. Southside, while owned by the University, is managed by a third party which means their facilities also functions different.

If you are a student living in Riverview or Southside, please see those specific sections below or contact your area office for details.

Calling in Work Orders

If you live on the main River Campus: (Students living in Southside and Riverview have different work order systems due to their privately managed facilities companies so see those sections below.)

  • Call (585) 273-4567 for all University facilities 24/7 customer service (including the medical center).

Note that while this number is used for most things, there are some exceptions:

  • For lock changes, requests about furniture, or bed height changes, you must speak to your area office.
  • For courtesy phones, TV cable issues, or ethernet and internet issues call University IT at (585) 275-7500. Or use their online chat and service request function.

Southside Living Center Work Orders

Call (585) 271-7604 or use the maintenance request form located in the Valentine lobby.

Riverview Apartments Work Orders

Call (585) 235-2161 or visit the manager's office in building C.