Hill Court

An exterior view of the Hill Court residence halls.
Hill Court

Comprised of Chambers, Fairchild, Gale, Kendrick, Munro, and Slater Houses, Hill Court is on the north end of campus and enjoys the closest access to the Wilson North student parking lot. The tennis courts and soccer practice field are nearby, and there is also an outdoor area with picnic tables and a grill. Hill Court runs parallel to beautiful and historic Mt. Hope Cemetery. Munro, Kendrick, and Chambers have windows and balconies that look out onto the cemetery. All of the buildings are connected underground by a tunnel and the area office is centrally located in Gale House.

Hill Court offers suite-style living with each suite having between four to six bedrooms, a bathroom, and a lounge. While there are no elevators, every suite on the second floor and above has a balcony, which is a feature that is unique to this area. There are a handful of suites on the second floor that have four singles and one double room.

Hill Court also features six one-person apartments that have a kitchen/living room, separate bedroom, walk-in closet and a full bathroom. These spaces are charged at a higher rate than the standard suite-style spaces.

All suites and apartments are carpeted, with the exception of Fairchild.

Outside of the single apartments, no suites have kitchens, so residents must have a group two meal plan. Students in Hill Court who want to do some cooking are welcome to use the community kitchens in the Kendrick community room and the Gale seminar room in the tunnels.

The tunnel also features a music practice room, two laundry rooms (in Munro and Fairchild), a study space, and other spaces that are able to be reserved for student use.

Hill Court is typically a relatively quiet community to live during the week, but the weekends can be livelier. A number of Greek organizations are housed in Hill Court, primarily in Munro, Kendrick, and Fairchild.

Hill Court has a total occupancy of 537 students and is named after David Jayne Hill (1850–1932) who served as the president of the University of Rochester, after serving as the president of the University of Lewisburg (now Bucknell University) from 1889 until 1896.

Room Dimensions

Average room dimensions for Hill Court:

  • Single: 8’ x 9.5’
  • Double: 8’ x 19’

Note: The dimensions listed here are averages. All rooms have slightly different dimensions.


Hill Court offers the following amenities. All amenities are in the tunnel connecting each house.

  • Community room (Slater)
  • Community room with a kitchen (Kendrick)
  • Seminar room with a kitchen (Gale; must be reserved)
  • Study room (Gale)
  • Laundry rooms (Fairchild, Munro)
  • Practice room with a piano (Munro)
  • Media room (Chambers)


Students interested in living in Hill Court can use the following resources to help make their decision.

Floor Plans

Chambers Hall floor plans (pdf)
Chambers Hall floor plan.

Fairchild Hall floor plans (pdf)
Fairchild Hall floor plan.

Gale Hall floor plans (pdf)
Gale Hall floor plan.

Kendrick Hall floor plans (pdf)
Kendrick Hall floor plan.

Slater Hall floor plans (pdf)
Slater Hall floor plan.

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