Housing for Transfer Students

Most University of Rochester students live on campus, and Rochester welcomes transfer students to join our residential undergraduate community as much as possible. However, we cannot always accommodate every transfer student who wants to live on campus.

Typically, we can offer housing to about 35 transfer students each fall and are usually able to offer housing for the spring semester. Spring transfer students may find it easier to obtain housing on-campus. Transfer students are encouraged to fill out the application as soon as you receive it.

Transfer students who apply for fall term housing are not likely to hear about housing until after July 15. Some assignments will come later, sometimes close to or after classes begin. Students starting in the spring term will receive their housing assignment in January.

Applying to Campus Housing

Admissions provides the housing information and application as part of the Transfer Enrolling Welcome Packet. If you are interested in campus housing, it is important to get your application in quickly. Assignments are made on a rolling basis and we do our best to quickly make offers for on-campus housing.

Students entering as transferring freshmen (and sometimes sophomores) will have a higher priority for housing placement ahead of students entering at more advanced class standing. Students moving to Rochester from out of the area, including international students, will have priority over students who live locally.

We will do our best to place as many transfer students in housing as we are able.

Off-Campus Housing

Off-campus housing options for students in Rochester are affordable, safe, can offer parking and/or public transportation options, and come in a range of prices and lifestyles. Students seeking off-campus housing can depend on support from the off-campus housing staff while finding a good match for their educational plans.

If you have secured off-campus housing, please let us know so that we can remove you from our list. Once you accept a housing assignment offer, you have entered into a legally binding housing contract language.

See the off-campus housing page for more information.

Housing Contract Language

The housing contract language (which includes all rules and regulations for campus residents) is available on our website. For more information see the housing descriptions for transfer students (pdf).

Check-In Information

Check-in information is provided as part of the letter that notifies you of your housing assignment. Read that carefully and plan accordingly. Early arrival for transfer students is limited in the fall semester and is not an option for the start of the spring semester.